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What I’d Like to See In Ape Escape 4

Once upon time a young boy who loved video games went to his  favorite store to look for a game to rent. When he got there, he found a small unassuming game called Ape Escape. He had seen ads for it in magazines but never really intended to play it, but now that he had seen the cover he debated in his mind weather to get it or something else and decided to just bite the bullet and buy it.

When he got home and put the game in his Playstation he had fallen in love with the game, and whenever a new game in the series came out he made it top priority to get it before any other, and each new one he got he spend months playing, even when he had already found everything in the game.

That young boy grew up to write about video games on Leviathyn.

I love Ape Escape more than any other series, but I’m a bit disappointed that there hasn’t been a fourth game for the PS3. The closest we got was a party game for the Playstaton Move which I can’t even play because I don’t have a Move.

I want a proper fourth game for the PS3, and I have a few nifty ideas for it.

First of all, each game brought us a new hero; the original game had as playing as Spike, Ape Escape 2 let us play as his cousin Jimmy and his pet monkey Pipochi, the third brought us the twins Kei and Yumi, and Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed introduced us to Helga (and don’t forget about Spike’s friend Jake who was playable in Pumped and Primed).

For the fourth game, no new heroes, keep the six we already have, but give each on their own abilities and gadgets; if you played as Yumi in Ape Escape 3, some monkeys wouldn’t run away from her, so let’s keep that. Kei is athletic so let him run the fastest, give Jimmy the ability to hover when jumping using Pipochi like he could in Ape Escape 2, give Jake a higher health gauge, Helga is shorter and scrawnier then the others so give her the best stealth, Spike’s running speed, stealth, health gauge will meet the middle and make him the most balanced character, and give him a double jump, as everyone other than Jimmy can only single jump.

Everyone will use the all the same gadgets the game has had since the beginning, but give each character their own unique gadget. Yumi could have a microphone that stuns monkeys and enemies in radius around her, Jimmy can use Pipochi to get location he can’t get to by himself or with the RC car gadget, Kei can throw baseball bombs,  Helga can use a grappling hook that lets her swing from certain specified targets for it, and Spike can use the transformation ability from Ape Escape 3.

Location, location, location. The first Ape escape had us traveling through time from when dinosaurs roamed the earth to medieval times, the second had us exploring the globe, and the third gave us levels modeled after television programs. I say the fourth can be about Specter and the monkeys trying to take over the world through videos games now, so there would be levels about robots and aliens for Sci-fi, levels in jungles, caves, and pyramids for adventure, graveyards, haunted houses and a and woods for horror, and so on.

Of course the freaky monkey five will be back, but I think there should be more bosses then just them. I say go back to the original Ape Escape’s level format; each video game theme or genre will be one world or hub and a boss is fought after all the levels for each is beaten. I also think instead of unlocking the next level after catching a certain amount of monkeys in the current one, the player can leave and return to a level whenever they want, unlocking new levels whenever a certain total number of monkeys have been caught. Levels can have multiple entrances, starting with one when player begins it for the first time, but unlocks more when they discover them, have them double as checkpoints.

I can go on about how much I love the Ape Escape series, and I really want to see a proper fourth game, and while everything I said above is just stuff I personally would like to have. It’s all based on elements that either have been used by Ape Escape and other games before, or things that can be used by Ape Escape now.

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  1. DanielMRA

    Nice ideas, buddy. But honestly i don’t believe on Sony for new games from AE series. There is so long time since the last one from main series (AE3) was released. Nothing more was said from Sony or rumors around the web. The series has a fresh and funny gameplay, even the storyline being kinda infant, the games has good challenges and puzzles. Of course i wish a new game, it’s a shame but Sony doesn’t look interested about a new game.

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