The Future Of The Half-Life Series Depends on Episode Three Still

Half-Life 3.

That game alone raises so much attention based on no information nor official confirmation. However, there is one Valve game that is official and yet still isn’t complete: Half-Life 2. I barely ever see people talking about it.

Half-Life 2 released back in 2004 and was set to be told over the main game and three episodes. Episode 2 released in 2007 and since then we have heard nothing about the closure of Half-Life 2. How can we be so determined to get Valve to make Half-Life 3 when they aren’t done with the last game? There’s an ending that we need to have before we can start up again.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two was gut wrenching. There is no way that Valve can skip Episode Three.

Valve has been very hush, hush about the Half-Life series for years now. Gabe Newell just keeps saying, “I can’t tell you.” So much faked news has come out over the news. It really is hard for gamers to trust anything about the Half-Life series or think it has a future.



The last we heard that even sounded concrete was that Valve is waiting for the new Source engine to be completed before Half-Life returns. That makes a lot of sense and seeing as the next gen is coming soon for consoles Valve could be setting up a game to take everyone by surprise at E3 2103. Being a launch title for the next gen and coming with PC-exclusive Source engine kits for modders would be a huge announcements. However, is this is the case can they rightfully call it Half-Life 2: Episode Three? At this point, it might as well be a side-story leading up to a (finally) announced Half-Life 3.

Half-Life Countdown or something to that effect could be another episodic game that starts from the ending of Episode Two and ends a year or so before Half-Life 3’s events, which would be an accurate release schedule for the actual game.

I really can’t see an Episode Three happening anymore. Yet, the story has to bridge the gap to Half-Life 3. There can be no Half-Life 3 without finishing the story we started back in 2004.

Having some sort of smaller episodic content that leads up to the next numbered game may even help Valve get make Half-Life 3 even better. If they start out on their new engine with these episodes, each one is going to get better and better as they themselves they better at using the new engine. Releasing several 2 to 3 hour episodes over the course of a year or so would make Half-Life 3 a better game both technically and visually.

So calm your horses on the Half-Life 3 talk. What we should be asking for is the continuation of Half-Life 2’s story so Half-Life 3 can actually make sense. Would you like to play a much anticipated game that has hours of backstory that just to bring you up to speed? No you’d rather get right into the action knowing full well what’s on the line and the mission at hand.

Half-Life needs either Episode Three or my Countdown idea to happen. Not only would it please us fans to finally have Gordon back for duty but it would mean we would finally get close to the fabled release of Half-Life 3.

Either way, I just want to kill Combine again. I’m sure you do, too.