Hana Kappa-kun Kids’ Film Coming April

The kids anime TV series, Hana Kappa, is coming to the movies in April this spring. The number one kindergarten TV series will be coming to film. The movie will be an hour long and will have a  sing-along section,  Hana Kappa Musical Pan to Gohan Dochi Nano!?  The films story is about Hana Kappa’s mother being captured by butrerfly warriors who appear in Yamabiko. Hana and his friends go off on an adventure to the mystery-filled land of the butterflies to save his mother. You can check out the details on the film via the Hana Kappa website.

Hana Kappa is an adaption from the picture book by Mr. Akiyama.

Source & images – AnimeAnimeJP

Via – ANN