Apple Releases iTunes 11

Apple has released the latest version of iTunes, which was originally planned for October. The new version has a completely new interface and has more integration with its iCloud service. Some new  features include the ability to play purchases directly from your iCloud or sync them with your devices. iCloud now syncs movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U content, and even audiobooks. iCloud syncing will let you play and pause a song or movie on one device and be able to resume from another, much like those DVR boxes or Netflix.

When viewing your songs you now have an option to “Complete My Album”, a store service that will purchase the rest of the tracks for that album. Another feature is Up Next, which lets you see which songs are coming up next and gives you an option to re-arrange them. The new cover display has a new designed MiniPlayer. A much sought featured is an improved search on iTunes, displaying results from across your library.

You can download iTunes 11 now on the Apple website.