Oculus Rift Pushed Back to 2013

Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset, which was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year has been delayed until March 2013.

“Designing, sourcing, and manufacturing thousands of developer kits is no small feat,” reads the project’s updated Kickstarter page.

“Since our Kickstarter, we’ve been up against the wall, working around the clock to produce and distribute over 7,500 units in just four short, crazy months.

“We’ve had to modify our original design for mass-manufacturing and, at the same time, balance additional features with our tight schedule.

“We wanted to have the developer kits to all our backers before the holidays; but more than that, we want to ship the best Oculus Rift developer kit possible. In order to accommodate the required changes, new features, and manufacturing duration, we had to shift our ship date,” the update states.

The team  have placed some of the blame on need to source new components for an improved sensor which offer a larger screen as well better response times and aspect ratios, the new sensor also weighs 30g more than the original.

“Building a new motion sensor is a major undertaking,” the team added. “There are plenty of challenges we’re working on, particularly sensor calibration and multi-platform driver development, but we’re confident the new sensor will be worth the engineering effort in the long run and we’re happy with the results thus far.”