Four Reasons You Should Be Excited For the Return of Arrested Development

What were the most exciting words you’ve heard in the past year? 2012 has been a great year, but I am looking forward to 2013 even more, ever since I heard the glorious words: “Arrested Development is coming back.” Arrested Development, as you may or may not know, was a comedy show from the early 2000s, starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and a young Michael Cera, among others. Ever since that fateful day that I decided, on a whim, to start watching this show on Netflix, I have had to hold all other television comedies up to a new gold standard, that of Arrested Development.

But obviously, I’m excited about the return of this show. Now I need to convince all of you, the people who maybe have never heard of it or were never interested. Bad ratings took this show off the air, but this should not be an issue in the new season, coming out this coming spring. So, here are four reasons why you should be eagerly awaiting this show like I am right now.

Almost Every Character
Each character in this show is so unique, from the lawyer Bob Loblaw (and his blog, Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog), to the proud but dull Gob Bluth, to the fantastically awkward Michael Cera. Show creator Mitchell Hurwitz is the master of creating great, quirky characters, and equally good at finding great actors to play them. Perhaps the best of the bunch is Tobias Bluth, played by David Cross, whose antics I could describe and praise in a 100-page thesis if I could hold your attention for that long.

Recurring Jokes
Every show has those inside jokes that only the fans get, or the jokes that are references to older episodes, but no show does this better than Arrested Development. Examples of these classic jokes include Gob’s segway, Michael always calling George Michael’s girlfriend Anne by a different name (Egg, Bland, etc.), and Tobias’ never-ending quest to become an actor.

Hilarious Pop Culture References
Some of the best moments of Arrested Development have been the pop culture references. This show subtly pokes fun at everything from the war in Iraq to its own network, Fox, and most commonly, itself. In particular, the third season, while not necessarily as good overall as the previous two, has some the best and most audacious comments, especially once the writers knew their show was being cancelled.

Great Guest Stars
If Arrested Development does one things right, it’s guest stars. From Ben Stiller as the legendary magician Tony Wonder, to Carl Weathers and Andy Richter as themselves, guest stars have always been hilarious on this show. The actors who play themselves are especially great, as the writers invent a totally different personality for them to inhabit on the show, such as Carl Weathers as a freeloader who exploits Tobias.

Overall, you would be crazy to not at least give Arrested Development a shot. I mean, if it was renewed after almost ten years off the air, it must be pretty good, right?