Five Reasons To Look Forward To 2013: TV/Movies Edition

Assuming we all don’t end up in the Apocalypse in 24 days, 2013 is looking stacked for entertainment junkies. Be it games, comics, or TV/movies there’s a lot to look forward to. Before you start to weep that your wallet is going to hurt so badly next year due to the amounts of awesomeness, perhaps you should get your priorities in check. Everyone needs a bucket list of things to do and I’m here to give you the top five reasons to be excited about 2013 so you can start saving up now and not miss any of them.

The TV/Movies Edition was pretty hard to do, actually. The year’s cinema is going to be filled to the brim with action movies but that’s not the only stuff coming out. Still, with the way the box office has been moving recently it is hard to deny the Marvel films and other adaptation their spot in the lights. TV also has some great things in store for us in 2013. As excited I was when doing the Gaming Edition for this series, the things in this list get me pumped. 2013 is going to be great for the silver screen and home theaters.


5.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Big Screen Comeback

I love this poster!

Sure, we saw him in The Expendables 2 but Arnold has a lot on his plate in 2013. The action star is back in the driving seat as he stars in four, possibly five, action movies this upcoming year. The one that is making a lot of noise is The Last Stand. I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to this role for him. Even the duo movie with Stallone in The Tomb sounds like a fun time.

The thing that really gets me excited about Arnold’s big comeback in 2013 is that he’s older now and I want to see what’s got left. I want to see him surprise everyone and just be that old guy that kicks ass and doesn’t care. Plus, it’s nice to see him work a lot more with other aging action stars. These guys aren’t too old yet that they can’t still have an explosive adventure. Arnold is going to be a hit in 2013.


4. Community Season 4 Finally Airing

I’ll admit, I’m not much of a Community fan. However, I have friends who are and I haven’t heard the end of how Parks & Rec (a favorite of mine) got a full season a lot easier than Community. I feel for Community fans. This delay is massive and with Chevy Chase leaving the show who knows how good Season 4 really is going to be. I hope this show doesn’t drop off in quality. A lot can be said for this season. It will dictate the future of the show and may even have repercussions for this type of show in the future.

Needless to say, Community Season 4 needs to be successful but I have no doubt that the very vocal fanbase (and cast) will get it to where it needs to be. Keep an eye on this show as I’m sure the result will send ripples through the TV world.


3. Game of Thrones: Season 3

The Storm of Swords begins! Game of Thrones is easily one of the best shows on television (cable and premium). Now that the show is confirmed to step away from the strict confines of the books, the show should be a lot more surprising for people, especially fans of the series who have already read through the reading material. I wouldn’t expect a brand new story but at least they’ve taken the pressure off of themselves to follow the story page by page.

Things are really heating up in Westeros and this season promises to be a wild ride. Storm of Swords is by far the most exciting book in the series so far and I’m sure the translation from page to live action will be just as amazing to see unfold. HBO has a winner on its hands and this season should push Game of Thrones forward even more. Don’t believe me? Just read Storm of Swords now and wet yourself as you think about how excellent it is going to be to see on screen.


2. Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek? Number 2!? Yes. Mainly because J.J. is doing something many people thought was impossible: making Star Trek cool for mainstream. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Next Generation but after seeing the turn out and reception to 2008’s Star Trek, who can deny that Abrams has brought the franchise and even TV shows into more households?



Star Trek Into Darkness is set to further this phenomenon and all I have to say is “well done”. For so long Star Trek was only for a select fanbase but this movie series has brought it out to the light and shown that it has a lot more to offer to everyone. Star Trek isn’t just some campy story or a bunch of space-y terms and futuristic themes. If you watch, say, Next Generation or Enterprise (sue me, I liked it!) you’ll see that it’s more about being human and dealing with our strange methods and issues around other species. Thanks to the 2008 film, it isn’t so far fetched for more people to get into Star Trek. I like that.


1. Marvel’s Phase Two Begins

Was there any doubt? 2013 marks the start of Disney and Marvel’s Phase Two which will culminate with Avengers 2. Starting off? Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

Thanks to the amazing trailer we got for Iron Man 3, it is safe to say that the new direction that Shane Black is taking this movie in is going to be a great watch. Tony is hitting an all new low both professionally and mentally. With the Mandarin in tow, Iron Man 3 promises to be a huge improvement over the last film. However, Thor is no slacker, either. This movie is going to be a lot bigger in scope compared to the confined first one. In the Avengers we saw just how good Thor can be in a big movie and The Dark World will surely be big.

Phase Two is starting off strong with 2014 and 2015 bringing up the rest of it with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, and finally The Avengers 2.



Stay tuned for more reasons to be excited about 2013. Next up: Tech!

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  1. JohnnyRider

    You missed a huge fact about Thor: The Dark World that needs mentioning. Alan Taylor director of Game of Thrones is directing. That’s possibly the most exciting thing about the film, he’s going to make it amazing!

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