Five Reasons To Look Forward To 2013: Gaming Edition

Assuming we all don’t end up in the Apocalypse in 24 days, 2013 is looking stacked for entertainment junkies. Be it games, comics, or TV/movies there’s a lot to look forward to. Before you start to weep that your wallet is going to hurt so badly next year due to the amounts of awesomeness, perhaps you should get your priorities in check. Everyone needs a bucket list of things to do and I’m here to give you the top five reasons to be excited about 2013 so you can start saving up now and not miss any of them.

With this Gaming Edition, we’re going to look at the top five reasons gamers should be excited for next year. There’s a ton of options, especially in Q1 2013 where I feel my wallet running for the door already. Let’s get crackin’.


5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Yeah, we’re done with waiting too, dude.

What’s that? You don’t think Versus XIII is coming out in 2013? Think again. Even if it’s late in the year and headed into Q4 territory, you can bet your bottom dollar that Square-Enix is going to get this game done OR cancel it. Either way, Versus XIII needs to be finished in some way. The company’s top tier talents are all grouped up on this project and it’s holding back so many other titles. When you have producers talking about a possible Final Fantasy VII remake, beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3 development, and perhaps even Final Fantasy XIV using that insanely sexy Luminous Engine then you know fans are foaming at the mouth that Versus XIII is taking this long.

To be honest, Versus XIII sounds like an awesome game and something to take the series in a new direction. It sounds like a mix between XII and XIII with a better “open world” mechanic than XII’s. Fallout Fantasy? A-hem. Seriously, this project is taking way too long to get done when other titles like the ones I mentioned above could possibly be made and done with when this team is free from Noctis’ grasp. 2013 needs to see this game either trashed or on the shelves. Anything beyond that will severely impact Square-Enix.


4. BioShock Infinite

It truly is a shame that we aren’t going to get to play this in 2012. However, there’s enough hype thanks to the return of Ken Levine that a delay isn’t going to hurt BioShock Infinite’s sales. This game is highly anticipated and with the way this emotional and breathtaking story is looking to unfold after watching trailers and teaser, who could possibly not be excited for this game? BioShock was a big hit when it first released and many were calling it a prime example of this gen’s greatness.

Infinite is looking to take that and triple it as it soars to the skies where Columbia waits.



3. The Vita’s Rise To Glory

It’s true that I’ve been high on the Vita lately and there’s really no reason I shouldn’t be. With the recent high profile releases of Ragnarok Odyssey, Call of Duty, Persona 4 Golden, PlayStation All-Stars, Assassin’s Creed and a near unknown 2013 but still filled with big titles like Final Fantasy X HD, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon’s Crown, Earth Defense Force, Killzone Mercenary, Phantasy Star Online 2, and more you have to believe that the Vita is looking up. While 2013’s release schedule is still very iffy and, well, empty right now, the known titles and possibilities make the Vita look like an all star right now. If there are more holiday deals like what Amazon offered, this could be the perfect segway to get more people interested in the platform before Sony bows to price cut.

There’s no doubt the price cut is coming, though. Once it does and the fish start biting, there’s also no doubt that 2013 is going to start looking crowded with releases. I expect next year to be a breakout year for the Vita. Will it catch and/or beat the 3DS? No, it won’t. However, for current owners and prospecting ones, this is great news.


2. Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar has everyone on the edge of their seats after the amazing reveals and trailers shown of GTA V. This massive, massive game is going to turn quite a number of hears and most likely earn the most Game of the Year awards for 2013. There’s little to no reason you shouldn’t be excited for GTA V. It will be the penultimate game to this gen in terms of pushing technology to its limits and perhaps even break out expectations of what a game can do. After all, Rockstar normally does that with a GTA release. With each passing title in the franchise they somehow show up something exciting, new, and groundbreaking. GTA V looks to continue that tradition.


1. E3 2013: The Beginning of The Next Gen

Is there still any doubt that E3 2013 will be the home that introduces us to the new systems? There’s a strong chance we’ll see first glimpses of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. We’ll also get some early tech demo stuff showing off the console functions and what gameplay can look like with a high profile release.



This year we were treated to two premiers for Capcom’s Remember Me and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Both were shown off using rendered and doctored footage on extremely high performance PC’s. If I were Sony and/or Microsoft, those two titles being played on the new consoles in front of the crowd would be the way to go. Show us just how powerful launch titles can be in the next gen with the gems of this year’s E3 that everyone thought would be impossible to run this gen.


Stay tuned for more reasons to be excited about 2013. Next up: TV/Movies!

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