The Best Assassin In The Creed

Now that the release of Assassins Creed 3 will have sunk in nicely I will take this opportunity to come to terms with which assassin is the best in the creed. I will pit them against each other in terms of finesse, fashion, equipment, personality and overall likeability. For the sake of not being pretentious I have opted out of including the elderly forms of Ezio and Altair and the Brotherhood characters, just the three main Assassins please.


Finesse 8/10– Altair was the first assassin we met and as such, he blew our minds. The introduction of effective and easy to use free running coupled with intriguing weaponry gave gamers almost a new genre meaning anything Altair did was pretty awesome. In comparison with later games, however, he isn’t quite so agile but that would go without saying. In the interest of being fair this score seems appropriate.

Fashion 5/10– The white monk robes made for a bloody fantastic trailer which I remember giving me goosebumps, however when you look at it against Ezio’s colorful and customizable garments you can’t help but feel you’re running around in someones bed sheets when playing as Altair.

Equipment 5/10– Almost down to the basic assassin equipment, the first Assassins Creed game really didn’t play all its cards at once. The hidden blade and the removed finger were indisputably impressive but the lacking of alternate primary weapons, apart from swords, was largely disappointing.

Personality 3/10- A largely silent protagonist, Altair gives little in terms of personality in the first game although more is ironically revealed about him in Revalations. His lacking of vocabulary or intimate events present him with little characterization except ‘Badass’ hence the low score, nobody likes a show off.

Likeability 4/10- Disregarding the first game and focusing on Revelations here, Atlair seems to possess an unjustified amount of awe. He seems like an incredibly arrogant assassin as if he knows how awesome he is which makes him relatively hard to like. There’s little humor with Altair and any run ins with him turn out to be story driving and more crucial rather than fun. He’s that guy that’s so cool he’s just intimidating rather than your mate.

Overall 25/50- A badass assassin that gets the job done, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t really have a personality and doesn’t have many cool gadgets. Altair is what he is,  the beginning.


Finesse 9/10– With new moves and a huge Italian playground Ezio really gives you the feel of being an Assassin. Assassination moves work better and free running additions such at the hanging basket cornering add much needed diversity.

Fashion 8/10–  Ezio is cool, he’s an attractive and young Italian that just fits the assassin role nicely. His garments can be customized in all manner of native shades which is a nice touch to the already impressive outfit, the shoulder pad is my personal favorite article. A breath of fresh, alternative air after the bland white robes of Altair.

Equipment 7/10– A pleasingly large array of weapons became on offer to Ezion meaning a sword could happily be replaced with a mace or an axe. The new ability of hijacking enemy’s weapons also added new levels to Ezios armory including the lance with its impressive swiping moves.

Personality 10/10- There’s a good reason Ezio was nominated for VGA’s ‘Character of the Year’ award in 2011, none more so than the fact that he was bonking someone within 5 minutes of gameplay! In all seriousness however, Ezio’s character is blessed with an emotional plot that causes the player to become emotionally attached to Ezio as he progresses from… well… birth, into an efficient killing machine.

Likeability 8/10-  Because of his well developed back story you’re able to make a much better connection to Ezio that you were Altair however his amateur beginnings prove to be tiresome when it takes half the game to get all your skills.

Overall 42/50- Charismatic, humorous, customizable and still a damn good assassin. Ezio proves to be everything Altair should have been but still lack the awesome aura that his predecessor commands.


Finesse 9/10– Fluid free running and innovative new assassination moves lead Connor to be the most impressive assassin-in-action yet. Tree climbing and passing through buildings are personal highlights, giving a much more open world feel to gameplay

Fashion 8/10– Not as flashy as Ezio but still pretty impressive, Connor’s get up suits the era nicely. The mash up of nationalities also shows in Connor’s fashion sense resulting in a really interesting look.

Equipment 9/10– An accumulative inventory of all those who have gone before him, Connor is pretty much armed to the teeth. Revelations saw the more effective pistol in use, however, Assassins Creed 3 took it all one step further and brought not only muskets but also dual wielding pistols.

Personality 3/10- Unfortunately Connors character was apparently forgotten and rushed towards the end of development as for all his weapons and gear he’s a pretty boring bloke. Connor doesn’t have the charisma of Ezio of the awesomeness of Altair and simply comes across as rash, instinctive and unnecessary

Likeability 4/10- Due to the above it’s difficult to come to terms with Connor as a character and I for one preferred playing as his father (minus the clothes). It’s a shame as there was clearly a lot of opportunity to develop greater meaning around Connor and his story, an opportunity that was overlooked or ignored.

Overall 33/50- His mechanics are phenomenal and give us the best assassins experience yet however poor characterization and emotional attachment make the experience feel displaced. Connor isn’t the coolest but his abilities are.

In a round up Ezio takes the gold thanks to Italian wit, charisma, impeccable style and dead family members. I’m sure people out there will have a different perspective on the best assassin out there so feel free to tell me your favorite and why below, however if you say Corvo you’re in the wrong thread.