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Gaming pastas

Now, if you watched my Youtube videos you’d know I’m a big fan of creepypasta, the internet equivalent of campfire stories. There are creepypastas about monsters, slenderman, mental illness, TV shows, and yes, even video games.

Unfortunately, a lot of gaming pastas are incredibly disappointing. Go to the creepypasta wiki right now and look up any gaming pasta, actually, don’t bother, i’m going to summarize 99 percent of every gaming pasta right now: The narrator speaks about an old game they liked, buying it on eBay with no other bidders or going to a store, picking out the game and the clerk freaking out when they try to buy it, when they look at the game cover it has the title written in black sharpie, when they play the game all the characters are dead and bloody and the protagonist is evil and crap.



The problem is that these hack writers are trying to copy BEN DROWNED and the Pokemon pastas -the best creepypastas you can find(minus the ones about Lavender Town)-thinking, wrongly, that copying elements from them like adding gore to an innocent game or getting the game under suspicious circumstances is going to make their ham fisted pasta just as creepy. Yes, because it’s completely obvious that’s it’s all about what the story has in it that makes it creepy, it has nothing to do with how it’s used or weather the story is any good or not.

Here’s a link to Pokemon Strangled Red:

Now, it’s starts off a little weak: the narrator just so happens to find a hacked Pokemon red game in his neighbors garbage, but from there it’s all good build up; the narrorator finds that their game takes place a year before the actual game, they find they much more likable protagonist then the personality devoid Red, the rival was his brother, and he became more famous as time went on. But when he finished beating the elite four he got a slap to face with creepiness, and the creepy just kept growing until he reached the end, where the creepy stayed with him. The story even starts out talking about bad gaming pastas and references the Pokemon Creepy Black pasta for good measure.

It didn’t use gore for shock value, it didn’t have the protagonist waxing noststalgia about an old game they like and getting a hacked version of it. It showed how it was creepy rather then saying it was, it stirred emotions, and it used suspense to make you wanna keep reading. In short: it was a good creepypasta because it was a good story.

How hard is this to get gamingpastas writers? Next time you wanna write a pasta, instead of putting blood in a kids game how about some unexplained phenomena that narrator never finds an answer to? Instead of “I always used to love playing [classic game]”, why not invent a creepy game you would want to play and have the narrator play that? Or even start off being nothing like a video game and then pulling the rug out from under the reader at the end the way XoRox( did?

Serouisly guys, these are supposed to be creepy stories, not fanfiction.