Transferring Data From An Old Vita To A New Vita Or Memory Card Is Extremely Easy

If you’re like me and couldn’t pass up that monster deal on Amazon with the Crystal White Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Vita Bundle (whew…) then you may be wondering how easy it is to transfer all your data to the new Vita. It’s extremely easy.

Now it really depends on your situation: did you buy a bigger memory card with your indulgence or not?

If you did not buy a bigger memory then this process is very easy.


Transferring Data From Old Vita To New Vita Without Changing Memory Cards

  1. To be safe, use the Content Manager with your PC/Mac and backup your Vita’s data.
    1. This will backup your games, saves, system settings, trophy information, etc.
    2. Estimated time for a 12GB transfer is 30 minutes. This will be higher or lower depending on your amount of data.
  2. Turn the old Vita off and then take out the Memory Card.
  3. Turn the old Vita on and wait for the start screen to pop up. Go to Settings > PlayStation Network >System Activation > Choose an option > Deactivate.
  4. Once you have deactivated your old Vita, begin set-up process of the new Vita by inserting your memory card and turning it on.
  5. Once you set-up the new Vita and updated it, you should be good to go as if you never left the old Vita.
  6. Set-up your backgrounds and fix your app bubbles.
  7. Play games!


Transferring Data From Old Vita To New Vita With A New Memory Card

  1. Follow instructions 1-4 from above.
  2. Once your new Vita is set-up, updated, and you have signed in to your PSN (SEN) account, attach the new Vita to your PC/Mac where you backed up your data.
  3. Go to the Content Manager app and restore your backup.
  4. Set-up your backgrounds and fix your app bubbles.
  5. Play games!
  6. You can use this method for switching to just a new memory card as well.


As you can see the process of moving from an old Vita to a new Vita or even just to a new memory card is extremely easy. I was surprised by this. I didn’t upgrade my 16GB memory card with this new purchase so as soon as I took out the memory card from my old launch Vita and put it in the new shiny white one it was just like I never left. I was able to turn the system on, put in Persona 4 Golden and start off right where I stopped.

Easy transferring methods like this need to be a standard in gaming. Sony did a great job with this aspect of the Vita. With so many special editions and colors that released for the PSP and how popular they can be, this is a godsend if you’re waiting to buy or upgrade when a new color comes out.