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Halo 4 Map Pack Details Leaked By German Xbox 360 Dashboard

We already know that within the next coming months, 343 Industries will be releasing three map packs for the newly launched Halo 4 game. However we, the gamers, were unaware of when exactly we would be receiving the DLC’s. Yet today the German Xbox 360 Dashboard appeared to leak the actual specific dates on which the map packs would be released. Listing the first, the Crimson Map Pack, as launching on December 10th.

The following packs, starting with the Majestic,  is listed via the dashboard to be released on February 25th, and the third, the Castle Map pack, to be launched on the 1st of April.  So for those intending to buy a War Games Season Pass, priced at 2000 Microsoft Points, can now know when they will be receiving the packs, if the reports are correct.

However the leaked released dates have not yet received official confirmation, so don’t be writing them dates down in your calender just yet! Now it is just waiting for Microsoft to clarify whether these dates are in fact correct.

With the huge success of the Halo 4 game in it’s first few weeks on the shelves, it is very likely that the sales of the map pack will follow in the same fashion.

Will you be purchasing the Halo 4 War Games Season Pass, and if so, will knowing the release dates for the Map Packs make a difference for you? Either way, the dates appear to be close to rough estimations already made by members of the gaming industry, so realistically the dates won’t appear to be too far out of range!