ZombiU Is The Survival Horror Game Everyone Wanted

I’m not going to review ZombiU. There is a radical response to this game ranging from below 5’s and near 9’s. Unless you’ve rented or bought the game already, I wouldn’t blame you for being so uneasy about this purchase. If you’ve read even some of the stuff online about ZombiU then seeing on the shelf with your wallet in hand seems a bit risky. So what should you do? That depends.

  • Do you like Survival Horror? Buy it.
  • Do you think Survival Horror has been nonexistent lately? Buy it.
  • Do you want to be frightened or feel very intense situations in a game? Buy it.
  • Do you want a punishing experience? Buy it.

The thing about ZombiU is that it doesn’t let up. The game is hard. Maybe not Dark Souls hard but it’s quite an experience. This is a story about survival. You are trapped with next to no hope until a stranger contacts you and offers you a means of safety. You have to follow his instructions to the letter but he’s not knee deep in the situation, you are. When the voice tells you to head across the street he’s just issuing a command. As you sit there holding the controller and hearing what he’s telling you to do you’re thinking about the zombie across the street, low ammo, low health, if the door across the street you’re heading towards is locked or not or if it’s alarmed, and a lot more. That’s where ZombiU succeeds. It makes you want to survive. This game forces you to use all your senses and logic to make it through the game. It is truly the return of Survival Horror.

A lot of gamers flip out about where the Resident Evil series has headed or wondering if they’ll ever experience something quite like classic Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, or Resident Evils again. I implore you, stop caring about numbers on a site and go out and buy this game. ZombiU isn’t perfect but it will give you quite a ride.

Your survival depends on you. This isn’t like the old titles I just mentioned. Everything that happens in this game is up to you. If you mess up, you’re going to be either stuck with next to nothing left and a long road to travel or you’re going to die. This isn’t sugar-coated, folks. You need to pick and choose your battles, your path, your speed, and situations. Don’t feel confident you’re doing the right thing until you’ve exhausted all means of logic. Otherwise you’re going to head into trouble and trouble isn’t something ZombiU lets you half-ass.

My list of questions up top about buying this game holds too true for me. I’ve played a majority of Survival Horror games since first going through Resident Evil way back when. I still can’t remember a time a game had my heart racing like this. I think back to the gator in Resident Evil 2, Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, that damn bear in Condemned 2, and (while not horror) that Microwave Room scene in Metal Gear Solid 4 and none of them have had me feeling like I was up against a wall with nothing left and only seconds to react like ZombiU has. Bonus point? It happens often.

I’d love to comment on the multiplayer modes of ZombiU but I have to admit, the campaign has me nestled in my seat every time I turn the game on. Perhaps once I’m done giving myself mini heart attacks in London I’ll check out the online. For now, I can’t recommend ZombiU enough as one of your first Wii U games. If you’ve been hard pressed for some Survival Horror in your life again (or for the first time!) then pick this up and get ready for a tough, freaky, but overall fun ride.