Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, A Gift Well Received.

When it comes to video games that actually have a financial backing, Halo is around the top of the list. Not only is the Halo franchise a huge money-maker, but it also maintains one of the most loyal fanbases of all video game titles and this, in such, entitles the franchise to provide some pretty sweet promotional goodies for gamers. I wasn’t sure if I really needed to bring to awareness the Forward Unto Dawn internet serial that was created for Halo 4, but as I continue to try to nerd out about the series with friends, they keep looking at me with blank stares. Now, this is great because I get to be the one to introduce them to the videos as if I am an awesome well-informed Halo fan, but it also made me think I should utilize my assets to let as many people as possible know.

People, there is a live action Halo “movie” that is available on YouTube that I have to say is pretty goddamn impressive. The web sires was Microsoft’s largest investment in a live-action production and was made solely as promotion for Halo 4, which we have seen in the past, and was to be aired on Machinima Prime exclusively before being widely released on YouTube. The web-series cost ten-million dollars and has proven to be worth every penny. The acting is good, the cinematography is top-notch, and that moment that Master Chief shows up is beyond amazing.

And who is playing Master Chief you might ask? The role of Master Chief was filled by Daniel Cudmore, of whom you will most likely remember as Colossus from the X-Men movies. Cudmore is 6’7″ and yoked, which immediately creates authenticity for the expected stature of Master Chief himself.  This film was directed by Stewart Hendler and written by Todd and Aaron Helbing.


The plot of Forward Unto Dawn acts as a prequel story to Halo 4. The story follows a group of young cadets within their UNSC recruit training and the rumors of Master Chief’s achievements are already well known. The stories of MC inspires the main cadet, Thomas Lasky (Played by Max Carver), to fulfill his potential as a soldier and help fight against the Covenant. The film is made well enough for those familiar and unfamiliar with the Halo universe and is easy to follow, easy to enjoy, and a treasure for all Halo fans.

But, as always, you do not have to believe all the crap you read on the internet, do you? You are an adult (most of you) and can make your own decisions based upon observation and analysis. So, I encourage you, seek out the videos and watch all 5, or you can wait until December when they will be released collectively on DVD, or you can borrow the copy that came free with the limited edition of Halo 4. Tell ya what, I will get you started off with the first episode. Enjoy…