Resident Evil Revelations Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3

Capcom will apparently be porting the 3DS game, Resident Evil Revelations, to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to a Korean ratings list.

Spotted by NeoGAF were two separate entries for the game listing, appearing on Microsoft and Sony consoles. This means if the listing is correct, gamers will have the chance to play a very highly rated 3DS game, on a non-portable console.

The Korean rating board is noted for leaking upcoming video game news a little too early, remember when it did so with the Devil May Cry HD Collection?

With Revelations previously gaining great reception in the gaming world when it was released in January earlier this year, it will be great for non 3DS owners to finally get a taste of the game. Especially huge Resident Evil franchise fans.

The game has been praised for it’s great visuals, and it’s perfect blend of traditional Resident Evil horror, and it’s new  school action. It has around ten hours of a story campaign, making it a great single-player journey.

Overall, it is promising news for PlayStation and Xbox owners, as long as the listing is correct. So without getting our hopes too high, here’s hoping for Resident Evil Revelations on both the Microsoft and Sony platforms. All we need now is a release date to get excited for!

Watch this space for more news on the listing and the game. I personally hope it is true, as I have always wanted to have a go given i’s great reviews and my lack of Nintendo 3DS!