8 Things I Want to See in Resident Evil 7


[WARNING: EXTREME Resident Evil 6 spoilers ahead! This is your ONLY warning!]

Anything good can be made better. There is no such thing as perfect, and this is definitely true of video games, although Super Metroid comes awfully close, as far as I’m concerned. After having played Resident Evil 6 thoroughly, and enjoying it quite a bit, despite a lot of questionable design and plot decisions, I’ve thought a lot about what I want to see out of the next iteration, so I decided to put together a little list.

Capcom, don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of things I liked about Resident Evil 6, like FINALLY being able to move and fire at the same time, the melee system is sweet, and the music is probably my favorite soundtrack of the series. But feel free to take notes. Use as many of these ideas as you like, I don’t require anything in return, just make Resident Evil 7 an absolutely awesome game, that’s all I really want.



Resident Evil 6 was going for some kind of record with how much damage it could do to its main characters without killing them off or even injuring them. Jake and Sherry kind of have an excuse, both being somewhat superhuman and all, and Chris and Piers are wearing full tactical gear, which I guess might explain how they survived everything without so much as breaking a bone.

But Leon and Helena are both ordinary humans wearing hardly any gear at all, and they spend most of their campaign getting slammed against things, falling long distances (once inside a bus), being near explosions, getting thrown onto cars – and nowhere does it say that the parts of Leon and Helena are being played by Wolverine and Super Girl.

It would be easier to identify with these characters – not to mention upping the fear factor – if we knew they could get hurt. Yes, I know they can die if I screw up. More than a few frustrating quick-time events have taught me this lesson. But the main characters all being damage-soaking superhumans with reinforced steel skeletons isn’t engaging or realistic, and I think Resident Evil could benefit from some breakable zombie fodder.



Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris, I do. I even thought, briefly, that Resident Evil was about to tread previously unexplored territory; the psychological damage caused by extreme trauma and survivor’s guilt. Of course that got thrown out the window rather quickly, and I was extremely disappointed by Chris’ ending – after everything he’d been through, mentally speaking, he should be gibbering in an insane asylum. Lord knows I would’ve found it a lot more believable if he’d at least broken down and cried like a little girl while he sat in that sphere, bobbing on the ocean.

But the reason Capcom wouldn’t do that is the same reason Chris needs to take a vacation from Resident Evil games for a while – Chris Redfield is an over-the-top superhero. Since maybe even Code Veronica, Chris has been an unstoppable force in every Resident Evil game he’s in. Even the things that faze him don’t really faze him – car crashes, bullets, explosions, you name it. Like I said, Finn’s death, along with the rest of his team, led to him blacking it out and running away. When Piers sacrificed himself to save Chris, instead of getting crushed by survivor’s guilt all over again, Chris just shrugs it off. “Well, with a name like Piers, he pretty much had to be a douchebag anyway.”



I enjoy playing co-op games with my friends, and I do enjoy playing Resident Evil 5 or 6 with my best friends, so it feels really weird to say this, but yeah, co-op play should either go entirely or be cut down.

The only moments in Resident Evil 6 where I felt fear were the stealth sections in the beginning of Ada’s campaign. I was alone and underpowered against an army of monsters. And being spotted meant instant death unless I somehow managed to get away.

Being alone is such a key component of fear that it seems like it would be impossible to reproduce in a co-operative game, but I can’t help but think it should be doable somehow. All the same, the primary focus of the game should be solo play if they actually want Resident Evil 7 to be scary – they clearly wanted 6 to be scary, judging by all the work they put into the first ten minutes of Leon’s campaign trying to set the mood.



Nothing against zombies, but they don’t seem to cut it anymore. Part of the appeal of Resident Evil 4, one of the main reasons it was genuinely frightening, was that the Ganados weren’t your typical zombies – they could talk, use weapons, and even dodge attacks. They could mutate in strange, freaky ways. And they had the capacity (thanks to increased console power) to attack in large swarms. It was very easy to feel overwhelmed in Resident Evil 4, and I frequently had no choice but to run away.

And then Resident Evil 5’s Majini were pretty much carbon copies of the Ganados, but I rarely had to run, thanks to a co-op partner. And Resident Evil 6’s J’avo are hardly anything to be feared at all.

So I figure it’s time for another reinvention. Just as we upgraded from zombies to Ganados, I think it’s time to upgrade to a new level of enemy. I don’t know how you’ll make them fiercer, so perhaps it’s time to take things in a different, more disconcerting direction. What if someone gets hold of the original T-virus and tweaks it so that its victims still become the living dead and hunger for flesh, but like Jill in Resident Evil 5, they are still aware and able to talk? They’d be completely unable to control their actions, attacking you while simultaneously crying, begging you for help or to put them out of their misery. That would freak the hell out of me.

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  1. NicCallari

    I agree all heartedly. The only thing I disagree with is the zombie thing. There hasn’t been zombies for so long that I’ve missed them, and I was thrilled to have at least some of the game’s classic background to return. I miss the old style, even though I enjoy the new one. I agree the puzzles, and the least amount of save points helped make the game much more challenging. I don’t feel the same challenge with Survival Horror anymore…. it seems…. relatively easy…? So yeah I agree with everything in this article, aside from the zombie thing.

  2. RealBigDun

    I also agree with everything but your zombie comment. What should happen is a full reboot. All I want is another Raccoon city like incident with average people as the survivors. Trying to escape an infected city, with chaos all around. Make the characters weak, power down weaponry and focus on survival. And for the love of God, no more caverns, secret mines, temples, or underground jungles. Those have been the worst things about RE 4, 5 and 6. Just make a game like Leon’s campaign before they went underground. Everything up to that point was awesome.

  3. EddieLam1

    I don’t exactly agree with all of them. I have only played 4,5 and 6 but they are actually quite fun. Basically, all they need to do is to give Chris some time off, add some more unique enemies than zombies that can use guns or knives, add harder puzzles and make the story much more better. (Spoilers) How can you create B.O.W.s anymore when Jake’s antibodies is now injected into the world? It just means that there won’t be anymore viruses anymore. No more resident evil.

  4. Clayton Gilliland

    I want to see all character all resident evil together.8 player co-ops online and 4 player co-ops offline..all character on team.have easy and normal and hard and extreme and no hope.that will be awesome.

  5. Clayton Gilliland

    I want to see all character all resident evil together.8 player co-ops online and 4 player co-ops offline..all character on team.have easy and normal and hard and extreme and no hope.that will be maps and maps from resident evil 5,6.

  6. Kaleb

    This has it all wrong you should keep co op and chris. resident evil 5 was perfect in my opinion. But resindent evil 6 definitely sucked but chris had the best campain but i do understand how co op can ruin some of the horror… Or at least in re6 it did but 5 was perfect

  7. AJac

    I would suggest following things:

    1. Main Characters include Chris – Jill pair and Leon – Ada pair.
    2. While playing single player, there should be no AI. That alone brings some scare factor when you have to deal with enemies alone. Second player should only be available when playing co-op.
    3. Bring back puzzles.
    4. Bring back the old health system. In RE 1,2,3,CV you had upto 50% fine, upto 20-25% caution and below that danger. Your animation also changed with the status indicating that you are injured. While in RE6 you injured status is only shown when you are in danger state.
    5. Make bosses scarier. Ustanak wasn’t scary. Compare him with Nemesis and Mr. X (Tyrant 003) which were more scary. Helicopter boss fight is pointless.
    6. Rasklapanje only irritates. Enemies like Iron Maiden and Regenerator from RE4 were scarier and more challenging to kill and they won’t get up again after you have wasted plenty of bullets to kill them.
    7. Should include both stealth & finding cover as well as blasting off enemies gameplay. The player has to decide which way he want to play and how to preserve ammos.
    8. Return of zombies was good in Leon’s campaign but why were they flying and making long jumps as if all them wanted to go to olympics. In RE Degeneration Leon says that the zombies are slow and you can just run past them. But in RE6 they can make long jumps and a slight touch in the feet and they are biting your neck?
    9. No more infinte spawn of enemies please. Graveyard area in RE6 was irritating. I didn’t understand how many dead bodies were put in a single grave. They keep coming out.

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