Microsoft ‘Xbox TV’ Set To Arrive In 2013?

Microsoft is said to be producing a new Xbox-branded set top box, set for launch in 2013, according to various reports. This low-power video streaming set top box will enter the market as an alternative to Apple TV and Google TV, in hopes that it will prove to be successful with Xbox fans.

Currently labelled the ‘Xbox TV’ by reports, the device will apparently be based on the same platform as the eagerly anticipated next-gen console, but will be a lot smaller, and draw very little power. As it will have been cut down, it will additionally feature instant-on capabilities. Neat right?

According to The Verge, the device has been designed to have access to ‘casual gaming titles’ and core entertainment services’ which we can presume means Xbox Video, Xbox Music and the much used third party applications such as Netflix and LoveFilm.

The device is rumoured to be unveiled next year, alongside the next-gen Xbox console, and many are guessing it will be around just before Christmas 2013. If this is true, it means many households will be able to choose whether they want to purchase the full on next generation Xbox, or the cut down ‘Xbox TV’ device. I personally can’t wait to see what either look like and make my choice!

Microsoft have been seen to have been extending their Xbox product line recently, with The Verge recently uncovering rumours about a 7″ Xbox Surface Gaming Tablet. It seems they are wanting to move away from the traditional consoles, and expand the Xbox brand.

Either way, with E3 slowly creeping closer, I am sure that if they are waiting to make a big announcement, it will be made there, so not long to wait now Xbox fans!