Mass Effect 3 Wii U Review

By now everyone knows what Mass Effect 3’s all about including the controversies, DLC, and potential theories about the sequel (or maybe even a prequel depending on how official polls go). There’s not much to say about the game that has changes, at least not for me. I was a supporter of the original ending. The thing that made me like it was that it made me think. I left the series wanting more and not in a bad way.

I’ve seen near novels written about how the ending sucks or why it’s good. The one thing I can’t refute is how amazing the Extended Cut DLC is. It truly adds the extra bits needed to not only close out Shepard’s story but also to give closure to fans. It can still very much leave you thinking about possibilities but you can finally step away and look at your trilogy collection and be satisfied. The best thing about the Wii U version is that it comes pre-packed with the Extended Cut DLC. You will never be able to play the game without seeing the full ending and for new players, that is the only way you should play. Don’t try and sit there saying to yourself, “I want to see the ending before they added anything to it.” As much as I was a supporter of it, the Extended Cut DLC threw everything out of the window and made the original ending worthless next to the extended one. That is where I have to recommend that if you are either a new Mass Effect player or have played the first two and not the third (for some god awful reason you waited this long) annnddd you picked up a Wii U, go ahead and buy this. Don’t worry about DLC packs, just buy it.

The reason being is that this is the definitive core edition of Mass Effect 3. How? This is the best the UI and controls are ever going to get on a console. The graphics may not be the most amazing of the versions but gameplay-wise the Wii U version has it set.

Also, because right now EA is in “supply and demand” mode with the Wii U. They have released one of their biggest games to date on a brand new console. This is a test to gauge interest in Mass Effect on the Wii U. If it sells well, who knows, we may still get Leviathan and Omega. However, if you buy the game because you fit in one of the above (and below) categories then you should pick it up. A buy for Mass Effect 3 shows support and a want for all available content. EA only cares about money and statistics. Give them the numbers and you’ll get the prize.

However, that most likely won’t happen while Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U is relevant. So you have to buy this without caring about DLC packs and the events.

I may be turning a lot of heads when I say don’t worry about DLC. My issue with Mass Effect 3 DLC stems from the fact that you know this is the end of Shepard’s story. If you’ve already beaten Mass Effect 3 before Leviathan came and Omega’s close release then why go back and add more to a story that won’t influence the ending? I don’t care if there’s one or two parts of a dialogue I can unlock, it does nothing to advance, alter, or better the ending. So what if Shepard also went to Omega or took a dive in a giant mech? Who cares how many Reapers Shepard destroyed before reaching Earth with the fleets? The fact of the matter is that the DLC for Mass Effect 3 is worthless. If it followed side stories of the crew through their eyes, say, during a lull before the battle on Earth then perhaps I’d bite. If it brought Kasumi back and I could romance her, absolutely. However, I don’t need more one or two extra missions with Shepard to feel that I’ve saved the galaxy. I don’t need to spend more money to feel like Mass Effect 3 finished a series that defined this generation for me.



Will everyone agree with that? No. To a lot of people, EA not releasing the DLC on the Wii U is a sham. I agree. As much as my previous paragraph dismisses the need for DLC in this game, if you’re going to re-release this game for a new system launch then why hand out an unfinished product? Why is Leviathyn not on the Wii U shop? Why won’t Omega be released? How about the multiplayer missions and events? For a matter of fact, why not just release the trilogy pack?

There are two ways I would have been fine with this release:

  1. Mass Effect 3 packed with Extended Cut DLC and Leviathyn. Omega and multiplayer events starting from now until they end will also be available. The full ME3 package, basically.
  2. Mass Effect Trilogy with Extended Cut DLC. The ME Trilogy misses out on some DLC including all it for ME3 aside from Extended Cut. The core series package.

Instead we get a $60 version of Mass Effect 3 without DLC. While the singular game with Extended Cut DLC is more than fine with me, it is so hard to recommend this version to Wii U buyers unless you feel the same way I do.

Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game. The Wii U version adds a bit more to it despite the dreadful package, missing trilogy collection, and no DLC. The Game Pad can be used as an area map to pinpoint enemies and direct your squadmates in battle. Selecting powers and weapons has never been easier and the general button layout of the Game Pad makes for a comfortable play.

So should this be a part of your Wii U shelf space this holiday/launch? That depends.

  • Have you not played any Mass Effect games and don’t own a 360/PS3/Gaming PC? Yes. Buy it, go through the Genesis comic, enjoy!
  • Have you played Mass Effect 1 & 2 but not 3 yet? Yes. Buy it, Use Genesis to mimic your playthrough decisions from the first two.
  • Have you not played any Mass Effect games and own either a Gaming PC,360, or PS3? No. Buy the trilogy pack on another console.
  • Have you already played all 3 games? No. You’re not missing out on anything but some nifty Game Pad features.

It’s a total shame that EA decided to half-ass this version’s release and content availability. However, the core game manages to play the best on the Wii U, console-wise. If you’re looking for just a Mass Effect experience on the Wii U, then look no further. If you’re hoping to experience everything Shepard’s final mission has for him, then look somewhere else.

EA releases an unfinished product at full retail price for the newest console. Smart move? Not at all. However, it may be worth it for certain gamers. Do you fit in the market EA was trying to reach with this version? Check out our Mass Effect 3 Wii U review to see!

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