Hitman: Absolution Players Report Game Saves Wiping Bug

A number of players of the recently released Hitman: Absolution have claimed a random bug, which crashes the game and erases hours of player progression, has been affecting the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game videogamer.com reports.

The bug, which has been posted about on several forums, has seen one gamer state he has lost all of his progress twice as a result.

“I spent 6 hours non-stop playing last night, and the game froze,” he wrote. “Thinking it was no big deal, I turned off my console, and restarted the game. I got a message telling me that my save data was corrupt and not able to be recovered.

“Due to how great I think this new addition to the series is, I took it as a fluke, and started another play-through. Several more hours into the game, I turned off my console, thinking I was going to continue playing the next day. Well, apparently I was mistaken, as I’ve encountered the exact same issue again (without the game freezing) at the main menu, and still cannot resume any games and I’m forced to start over completely.”

Some poster have suggested that save files are wiped as a result of their console crashing as the game was saving date, which is corrupting the saves.

According to one poster an email from Square Enix support states: “If a save is corrupt, there will be no way to recover your current progress”.

“To avoid such occurrences in the future,” the rep advised, “please try clearing the game data utility before starting the game again.”

Hitman: Absolution is out now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.