Microsoft Gives Pirates Windows 8 for Free

Uh oh, someone over at Microsoft may have not thought this entirely out or maybe its a plan to get pirates a “genuine” copy of Windows 8. All we know is as of right now, pirates or people who have pirated a copy of the newest operating system, Windows 8, can obtain a legal key via an upgrade option Microsoft has placed out for Windows 8 Pro customers until January 31st.

The idea was to give a free upgrade copy of Windows 8 Media Center to those that purchased a legal copy of Window 8, but if you happen to have a pirated version of the OS (Windows 8 Pro), you can opt into this free upgrade and legalize your copy.

Earlier attempts to get around the 180 activation of windows 8 has led a few pirates to use their own KMS servers to re-register their copy every 180 days, but this option seems to bypass the whole issue. No word if Microsoft knows about the issue or any details regarding the upgrade procedure.