Sony Releases SDK For PlayStation Mobile Platform

In the last few years, portable gaming consoles have been struggling to keep their share of the market, faced with the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. It is up to the companies behind the portable consoles, such as Sony and Nintendo, to change their approach, it order to hopefully boost sales once again. So it is welcoming to see that Sony has taken a huge step forward today with the official release of it’s PlayStation Mobile software developer kit.

This first public version of the software will allow developers to create and distribute games for PlayStation Mobile, which will hopefully see a great number of indie games take the PlayStation market by storm. You can sign up for the service for around $99 a year, as long as you are resident in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the U.K. or the US. This will allow you to create and publish as many games as you wish onto the PlayStation Mobile Store. With a price similar to the iOS developer package, it seems they have attempted to tempt developers by keeping the costs very similar.

You will be able to produce games with PlayStation Mobile for the following platforms:
Sony’s Xperia Phones, Tablets and the PS Vita. It will also run on a small number of Sharp phones, and the HTC ‘One’ line of Smartphones.

This looks like a brilliant opportunity for developers to extend their talents into the portable gaming field. Are you a developer? And if so, will you be purchasing a PlayStation Mobile SDK to make some fun and fantastic games?