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Xbox 720 Details Leaked Via Xbox World

British magazine, Xbox World, is shutting down, but they have not gone quietly. The final issue of the magazine will include a tell all feature of all that they currently know regarding the new Xbox console (currently labelled the Xbox 720). In honour of the final publication, the issue will have plenty of rumours and leaked details about the hugely anticipated next gen Microsoft console.

We already know that the console will feature a four player figure tracking Kinect (2.0), augmented reality and directional sound, however Xbox World has enlightened us further. Apparently the next gen Xbox will have a Blu-Ray drive (which personally I think is brilliant, and dare I say….about time!) It will additionally feature a TV output and input, and an “innovative” controller.

As for what is inside the Xbox, well the hardware is a CPU with a rumoured four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores, plus 8GB of RAM.

Xbox World went even further, and constructed a mock-up of the next Xbox console, based on the rumours and leaks that they have heard. This is what they said about it,

“We built ours with the same glossy face and patented VapourMG magnesium alloy Microsoft uses for its Surface tablet, and modelled the silver band after its new ‘Wedge’ touch keyboard and flexible Arc Touch mouse,” it writes. “The future will be black, sharp and curved.

What do you think of the mock-up and released leaks, and when do you think the Xbox 720 will be showcased? Many people are pointing towards Spring 2013, but for now, no one can be sure! I just personally hope it is as brilliant, if not better, than the rumours are painting it to be!