Will Minecraft Ever Get Old?

I had a hard time titling this article. At first I thought the title “The World’s Most Popular Game” would fit, but of course a statement like that would bring every gamer out of their chairs yelling their counter opinion. Then I thought of the title “Will Minecraft Ever End?” But I already know the answer to that question: Of course not. So I settled on “Will Minecraft Ever Get Old?” because while there will always be devote crafters, will there be a large fan base that still plays Minecraft in a couple of years.

I think there will be. Minecraft is unlike the majority of the games out there. It’s sandbox format really leaves a huge amount of creativity and control up to the player. But you already knew that, because every gamer knows about Minecraft. Just using basic blocks has kept players interested for years. Then Mojang released more and more complicated mechanics, like redstone. Even if Mojang stopped making new updates the game would still be popular, but with updates coming out every month the game just gets more and more cult followers.

The most important feature of Minecraft is it’s graphics. They’re simple. They’re old. They’re outdated. But because they were able to gain such a huge number of followers with outdated graphics, the graphics will never become a reason to lose players. New consoles and games with better graphics are never going to be able to compete with Minecraft, because Minecraft isn’t competing for the best graphics. Mojang is competing for the best playability.

Minecraft is a blank slate. If you don’t like the graphics you can download a texture pack. If you’re tired of just building you can download a mod and make it into an action fighting game, or an RPG. The online capabilities have made it into a multiplayer, and in some cases MMO game. Minecraft will never get old because no player has done everything there is to do with this game.

But it’s not just the game itself that makes me think that Minecraft will not lose it’s popularity for years and years to come. Look at the number of tutorial and creation videos on youtube. Look at the number of Minecraft based TV shows and comedies. Even IGN this weekend had a Minecraft tutorial on their front page! Neither Halo 4, or Guild Wars 2 had any kind of guide or tutorial posted, and they’ve come out this season, not last year. Minecraft will always have a cult following, but their immense popularity is going to last far longer than the average video game.

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  1. owenc

    Your cousin, Owen,  read this article and agrees with you.  It is great because it tells you the cool things about Minecraft.  Travis do you have any minecraft tutorials on youtube?

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