Which Video Game Ability Would You Choose?

It’s no secret that video games are known for giving characters a vast array of abilities and powers to help them get the job done. Whether it’s building something, destroying something, an ability to navigate an area with ease, or even the more obscure abilities to charm others or score bargains in stores, you’ll never find abilities in short supply in video games.

So, just as a hypothetical, we’re answering this; If you could pick one video game ability, what would it be?

Tell us your answer in the comments below!


I would want to have Tim’s time manipulation powers from “Braid.” It would be fun to be able to warp time forwards and backwards at my whim, and to be able to undo my mistakes as I see fit. Tim also has the ability, at times, to see what eventualities lie beyond his certain choices (represented by a shadow version of himself), and can use a ring that manipulates time around it. Granted, if you are Tim, you have to deal with the fact that you are actually a horrible, tragic monster who can never get the girl, and also the fact that if you touch said girl, she explodes into a million pieces, but I think the ability to control time would be a fair trade off.

I’d definitely would go with making portals, nothing beats thinking with portals. My mind is gonna be a little loopy from doing it all the time but at least i’ll be having fun and won’t have to worry about traffic anymore.
I’d want to have Q-bert’s power of having my curses come out censored as a string of nonsense symbols. Maybe then I wouldn’t get kicked out of playgrounds so often.Okay, seriously? I’d love to be whatever the hell Alex Mercer was in Prototype. The blades things would be cool and all, but my favorite power would be becoming different people by absorbing them. I’d keep using that power to become the hottest woman I find. I don’t think we can publish what I’d do after that.

There are a ton of awesome powers in the video game universe I would like to have:  Tim from Braid’s time-rewinding, the power of plasmids and magic would all rank high on my list, but I think I want Mega Man X’s X Buster, and its ability to assimilate the abilities of any boss creatures I happen to destroy.  It can seamlessly switch between weapons while offering sweet palette changes, it can be charged if necessary to bring a little extra punch to the fight.  Plus, it looks freaking sweet.  I’m not really sure if that counts a power or not, but think of the applications.

I would become a maniacal evil villain.  I would go blast down Emeril and learn some kind of turkey-basting shot.  Bam!  I would track down Mike Tyson and gain the E. Bite.  No Major Leauge Baseball player would be safe from my wrath.  On second thought, maybe it’s best that I haven’t acquired super powers.  I would need to be put down.


While there are more than a few abilities I’d love to have, my recent playthrough of Dishonored has left me wanting some supernatural assassin abilities in the worst way.

Blink (the ability to teleport short distances) seems like it would come in handy. I’m pretty short, and it’s not always the most convenient to have to search out a stool or chair to stand on in order to reach higher places. Plus, I find myself climbing all over counter tops a lot, and it’s going to end badly for me at some point. So, if I could teleport rather than shimmy up household structures, my life might be a lot easier.

Dark Vision might be cool, too. Seeing where people are through walls would definitely be of use when I’m trying to avoid someone, and sneaking around would be a heck of a lot easier.

Then again, now that I’m writing this, these abilities don’t sound quite as cool in my real life as they do in games. Whatever. If it helps me reach the top shelf, I’m not complaining.