Enough with the Online Chatter

Transformers Fall of Cybertron graced its players with double experience this past weekend. Suffice to say I’ve been playing a lot of it the past two days desperately trying to get my bots to Prime mode, which I did. Normally my time online is few and far between but I really like this game and I wanted to take advantage of it. With the online experience come annoyances such as the not-so-nice players and the awful sounds their voices make. This brings me to my point: microphones should not be used when playing online.

I’ll level with you readers, the amount of games I played that featured other player’s voices were very few. The ones that did though really grated on me. The only time I ever use a microphone when playing online is to talk with people I know and that’s usually through Skype, not the console. I don’t “trash talk”, I don’t yell and scream or hoot and holler when playing; I know other people don’t want to hear me so why should I have to hear them?

There have been some games that have taken into consideration a player like myself and given us a mute option, Fall of Cybertron is not one of those. This should be a standard! Every single phone in existence has one and they are mostly used for people we actually WANT to talk to, why would I not have this option in a game? A good chunk of the online chatter is little kids humming or babbling. The other half is players whining or cursing at each other. Not my idea of a fun time.

There are times when a microphone can be used effectively. Cooperation, coordination, or even just joking around with buddies, that’s it! Major League Gamers obviously need this tool for communication. These are gamers that actually live off of their competing and team coordination is a huge part of that. There are some online games like Monster Hunter or a co-op game of Operation Raccoon City that I wouldn’t play online without the help of a microphone.

Okay, so perhaps saying a microphone should never be used is a tad on the extreme side. If you’re going to whine and complain or try and boss other people around, think twice, put the microphone down. If you’re a little kid, please, for the consideration of other gamers, do not use the microphone at all. Today’s society is already filled with people who have absolutely no consideration for anything or anyone. I can’t blame them really. Life is hard and only the strong survive. Gaming is an escape from all of that, for all of us, so have a heart; if you’re one of these people, please, for the love of gaming, yell at the game and/or TV, not your fellow gamers.