The Coolest Pokemon Ever

There are 649 Pokemon now. If you haven’t played the game series in a while just let that sink in for a bit.

Pokemon is still a huge franchise, even if the show and trading card game are near death or out of style. Every game release hits new records and the online component is really becoming something huge. While Nintendo is still denying us a true console-sized, classic style Pokemon game they continue to see great success.

With every generation, the species of Pokemon grow nearly by the hundreds. With Gen 6, the number of Pokemon could hit 800. With 649 available to catch, raise, train, and battle with, I set out to pick the top ten coolest Pokemon ever. This list is not about who is the most powerful or who has the best EVs. This is the top ten absolutely coolest set of Pokemon out there.

However, before we start, I know a lot of you are thinking “oh this is just going to be filled with Legendaries!” To counter that, I made two lists: one with ten legendaries and one with ten normal Pokemon.

Let’s start with the normal Pokemon.


Top Ten Normal Pokemon


10. Blaziken – No. 257

The only bad thing about Blaziken is that he has four weaknesses due to his types. Still though, being a Fighting and Fire Pokemon has plenty of advantages. Blaziken was not only the coolest of the 3rd evolution, starter Pokemon in Gen 3 but also one of the coolest in its entire expansion of the Pokedex.


9. Bisharp – No. 625

A knight furnished of darkness and steel. Bisharp has a funny face but you can tell he’s ready to shred and destroy. After they introduced the Dark and Steel types, I was kind of infatuated with them. Houndoom and Scizor were always a part of my team until I realized that I was dying too much thanks to weaknesses. The very common Pokemon types are unfortunately the ones that hurt Dark and Steel but man they are powerful.


8. Hydreigon – No. 635

Three Pokemon in and all three so far have too many weaknesses but how can you not look at Hydreigon and want him on your team? This guy is a Dark Dragon type and reeks of awesomeness. He’s insanely powerful and the rest of his stats make him almost a Legendary.


7. Haxorus – No. 612

A Dragon with a drake-like form who is just a territorial as a lion. Haxorus is a deadly brawler. His normal attacks are very strong even though for a dragon his special attack isn’t very good. Still, Haxorus looks awesome and his presence in a fist fight is bar-none. A Mike Tyson dragon Pokemon? Yeah, that’s a good description.


6. Zoroark – No. 571

This guy is unlike any other Pokemon. He disguises himself as your last Pokemon in your team to throw off the opponent. He’s a predator. He pounces on you when you least expect it and then reveals a Dark beast. Zoroark was the poster child for Black & White and he continues to be a staple of Gen 5. He’s also awesome looking and deadly. Can’t beat that for a front man.


5. Lucario – No. 448

As a Fighting and Steel Pokemon, Lucario is a rare Pokemon. He’s also a pain to train up. However, when you get him there, whewww boy. Lucario’s normal and special attacks are very high and he’s also very fast. He looks like he’s ready for a fight at all times and he looks like a blue Anubis who was trained by Jet Li.


4. Garchomp – No. 445

Garchomp is a fast, armored, and powerful humonoid shark. Sound cool enough? Just make sure you don’t bring this guy out against an Ice Pokemon. Garchomp is one menacing looking shark. The description for him is also awesome. He can run so fast that the wind that follows him turns into blades.


3. Tyranitar – No. 248

The T-Rex of the Pokemon world. The thing about Tyranitar is that you weren’t able to find Larvitar until you hit Mt. Silver. Then started the grueling evolution to Tyranitar. It takes forever to achieve but when you finally get this guy, it’s worth it. Tyranitar is extremely powerful but vulnerable since his types give him six weaknesses with Fighting being a 4x. Still, the guy is so powerful that he can destroy landmasses in a rampage.


2. Gyarados – No. 130

Talk about the ultimate surprise. Gyarados evolves from the stupid little Magikarp. It’s the last thing you would ever think would come of the flopping little fish but when it evolves into Gyarados and you didn’t know about it (back during Gen 1) your mouth was a gap for quite some time until it finally hit you that you now have one of the coolest, more powerful, and durable Pokemon ever.


1. Charizard – No. 006

Was there any doubt? A fire breathing lizard with wings and a terrible attitude, Charizard was the penultimate normal Pokemon for quite some time. He was the most sought after trading card, the most picked starter, and normally never left teams once put on them. Charizard is just too awesome of a sight and a master of fire attacks thanks to his high special attack. When it comes to fire Pokemon, no one beats Charizard.



Top Ten Legendary Pokemon


10. Groudon – No. 383

Groudon’s awakening in Ruby was awesome to watch. Fighting him was even cooler. Having him on your team was just too epic. Groudon is huge, intimidating, angry, and deadly. He has high defense and maxed out normal attacks. He can take down just about any Pokemon as long as it wasn’t Water type. Groudon’s stature alone makes him an awesome sight in the world of Pokemon.


9. Deoxys – No. 386

An alien that used DNA to transform into a Pokemon that has four total transformations. Deoxys was a huge hit with fans and finding the best Forme was all the rage. His defenses were nothing to write home about but when he attacked, everyone took notice. He’s extremely fast and packs a whollop no matter what Forme you choose. By the way, Speed Forme was always my favorite. Dem stats.


8. Genesect – No. 649

I’m not entirely sure if Genesect could be classified as a Legendary but being an ancient Pokemon and making the game easy single-handedly makes him qualify in my book. Genesect is the newest Pokemon but he’s also very cool. The cannon on his back was added by Team Plasma but even without it Genesect is a predator and very deadly. His Download ability is also way too helpful.


7. Darkrai – No. 491

This thing looks like pure evil but in reality it just wants to be left alone. In order to achieve that he affects everyone around him with nightmares. When he does fight his Dark-type moves and speed are nearly unmatched. This guy was a huge pick up for fans when he released but the best thing is just how evil and malicious this Pokemon looks without even being a predator. He looks like a Mega Man Battle Network final boss.


6. Zapdos – No. 145

Zapdos is the coolest of the Legendary birds. When I was a kid playing Gen 1 with all my friends, Zapdos was in everyone’s party because we couldn’t justify putting in Moltres or Articuno just based on how awesome Zapdos is. He isn’t very powerful but he can hold his own. The thing that separates Zapdos from the rest of the pack was his conflicting types and domination over all other flying Pokemon due to not being weak against Electric.


5. Giratina – No. 487

A Ghost Dragon that was banished for its violence. This is the epitome of an evil Pokemon and it really shows. Giratina is a predator that exists in a different dimension but stalks the world of Pokemon waiting for its return. He is extremely hard to take down and can dish out damage that will cripple most Pokemon. His Altered Forme also makes him looks like a vampiric dragon with a sick color scheme.


4. Lugia – No. 249

When this Pokemon came out, everyone was enthralled by its types, power, looks, and description. He was definitely a heads up over Ho-Oh in terms of popularity, too. Being a Psychic Flying Pokemon, Lugia could hang in with almost any Pokemon, even the ones he was weak against thanks to his defense. Lugia doesn’t mess around and when you can flap your wings and cause a 40-day storm, no one will try to mess with you.


3. Rayquaza – No. 384

The aspect of Rayquaza would be terrifying to me if I lived in the world of Pokemon. He lives in the ozone layer and has for a very long time. You cannot see him from the ground. So how many times in a person’a average lifetime was Rayquaza flying over heads? This Flying Dragon is huge and very intimidating and just seeing him come down out of the clouds and make himself known is a sight to see.


2. Entei – No. 244

There is no other Pokemon that commands obedience and respect than Entei. This hulking Legendary Dog is intimidating just standing in front of you. He constantly gives off a look of confidence and his poise describes his strength easily. Out of the three Legendary Dogs, Entei was the one everyone looked at as the “leader”. Running into him felt different than when you found Suicune or Raikou.


1. Mewtwo – No. 150

There is, and probably never will be, any other Pokemon that beats out Mewtwo in terms of intimidation, fear, and story. Not only does Mewtwo have his own story but just entering the Cerulean Cave in Gen 1 and finding him deep within was awesome. Then he came on Screen and you immediately knew he was important. Mewtwo commands that more than any other Pokemon. You can just feel how powerful and unstoppable he is. He is still highly wanted in trades even in the most recent games. Mewtwo will go down as the coolest Pokemon ever and possibly the best.


I know many of you will have different lists. Feel free to share yours below in the comments!

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