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Quake 5: What can we expect?

The most recent Quake installments have not been quite up to standard. Quake 4 was littered with repetitive bots and felt more like Doom rather than Quake, lets not get started on Enemy Terretories either. What I’m getting at is that a game worthy of the Quake name is LONG overdue, that wait still may be some time but information from the power above has started to circulate. The co-founder of id software, John Carmack, has shown much speculation for a Quake 5 in saying he enjoyed the aspects of classic Quake games and felt a new up-to-date installment that emulates them is required. This news is fantastic for Quake fans and 4 and ET were ultimately huge busts in comparison to the 1999 behemoth that was Quake 3 Arena. Q3A still stands as one of my all time favorite games, it’s crazy, fast paced, completely unrealistic and so addictive, all the best attributes of a FPS and all the attributes that Quake 4 sorely lacked.

So if/ when Quake 5 comes out what can we expect to sit down and be confronted with? Well judging by snippets of information from Carmack and the rumor mill we can deduce the following..

Heavy multiplayer elements

Q1-Q3R proved to be endlessly enjoyable with a few mates around, the multiplayer was simple yet absolute carnage in deathmatches. This is something Carmack has specifically said he plans to improve upon, especially after the lacking of ‘Inventiveness’ Raven had put into Quake 4’s multiplayer. Carmack felt the single player campaign was always the diminishing aspect of a Quake game, especially with the Strogg storyline, which is apparently taking a back seat in the next Quake game. Online gameplay has come a long way since the old Quakes and Carmack’s going to work on developing a contender for the ‘military-heavy, gritty realism of todays biggest sellers’ so he’s basically offering a breath of fresh air to the FPS genre.


This is something every Quake game needs, that deep voiced announcer stating ‘One frag left’ towards the closing of a deathmatch. This is a quintessential Quake element and should be included more for nostalgia purposes rather than necessity. This would also help Quake to remain separate from realism making it stand out amongst its biggest competitors which will be its hardest task.



Quake games always have offered the player the opportunity to take control of different characters in arena situations. These never offered combat advantages but did offer cosmetic differentiations for players which proved imperative in the hundred mile an hour gameplay to identify people. Quake 5 is likely to present a more customizable character for this very reason, probably very similar to Space Marine’s custom armor and loadouts. For the PC/MAC versions it’s a guarantee that crazy mods for skins will be developed allowing Alien or Homer Simpson to be running around with a rocket launcher in hand.



Lastly and Quake game should have the option to play in an Arena.The arenas are where Quake’s innovative gameplay truly shines and is what produces the replay-ability that many modern games just don’t have. I have Quake 2 on the N64 and even with its ancient graphics and less advanced control system it still proves to be hours of entertainment with a few friends over, with the online capabilities of modern consoles Quake 5 arena matches could be incredibly popular due to their ‘jump in’ nature. Quake is the true father of the Deathmatches and it’s about time that title was re-established.

Quake 5 is still quite a way away but I felt people need to remember this giant and need to get excited about the prospects of another installment. If you want to relive those precious fragging days that check out Quake Live Online here which is simply Q3A online or for you XBL users you can get Q3A on the arcade store. Doom 4/ Rage 2 will be the next id software offerings so although we won’t get our dose of Quake anytime soon, id software will be coming back with a proper vengeance which is music to any true gamers ears.