Hardcore Gamers: Why They Need to Stop

Spend enough time on Internet gaming forums and Xbox live and you’ll hear the “hardcore gamers” declaring themselves to be superior to other gamers, espically casual gamers.

I’ve met hardcores who think online multi-player FPS is the only real way to play, I’ve met hardcores who think competitive gaming is the only real way to play, I’ve met hardcore gamers who declare that realistic graphics are all that matter. I can’t seem to find the exact definition of what a “hardcore gamer” is, other then that they say that they are “the only real gamers” simply because of what games they play, rather then how or why they play them.

This needs to stop.

It’s utterly stupid that they can declare themselves better then every other gamer because of arbitrary bull crap that doesn’t matter, and it’s an insult that they consider themselves to be part of the gamer culture when they think that they’re the only ones who belong. I’m sorry but if you think that nobody else is a gamer but you because you play the 360 instead of the Wii, or because you play grey and brown shooters full of one dimensional military macho male fantasy instead of colorful games full of style and imagination, or because you play M rated games, or because you play harder games, or because you play more often and are better at a game, you are anything but a real gamer.

They view casual games as games that anyone can play, and treat them like those games ruin gaming for everyone. I shouldn’t have to explain how conceited and exclusionary that mindset is.

Gaming is about how and why you play, not about what you play, for example I cite Harvest Moon.

A farming Sim.

Now the hardcores will look at the gameplay, it’s style, and it’s genre and say it isn’t a real game, but these games are nothing like Farmville. This game can be played for fifteen minutes and could get your fill, but you could spend entire weekends playing and be entertained the whole time. You could one play through just doing what you like, or spend it all tyring to get every farm expansion, befriend every villager, win every festival and contest, and unlock every secret.

The Harvest moon series is like a book; you can past the time with it, entertain yourself with it, enjoy the plot, spend hours on it, and if you like it enough, go through it again.

That’s no surprise considering that video games are the equal of art, toys, film and literature, so they should be treated as such. The hardcores treat games like sports, or contests, or high school, and because of that they will not be called gamers because it doesn’t make sense to call them that.