Rumour: German Magazine Lists PS4 Details

The German version of PSM3 magazine (via TheGNet) has revealed information on the PS4. The rumours, while unconfirmed, are consistent with speculation on the, as yet, unannounced console.

According to the magazine the PlayStation 4 will be revealed at E3 2013 and cost between €400-500 ($500-635). Sony’s next console will, according to the report, boast either 4GB or 8GB memory, will run on 4K ‘Ultra HD’ resolution, will have a standard resolution of 1080p at 60FPS and will not be backwards compatible.

Games will require activation via PlayStation Network which, if true, will effectively kill the pre-owned market for the system. Classic titles will be available through the Gaikai streaming service Sony bought for $380 million earlier this year. Games will also feature in-game advertising.

The report goes on to state that PlayStation Plus will be an important part of system but offers no details on how the program might be expanded.

The PS4 will come with a 4 core AMD accelerated processor codenamed ‘Liverpool’.

According to PSM3 the console will not be called the PS4 due to the number four being considered unlucky in Japan and associated with death. Earlier this year Kotaku reported that the PlayStation 4 will be named Orbis.

This report comes as Sony announces they have shipped 70 million PlayStation 3’s and sold 15 million PlayStation Move units. The Move is likely to be sold in a bundle with the PS4, according to reports.