Hot On Xbox 360’s Feet – PlayStation 3 Sales Hit 70 Million

Sony has revealed this week that the PlayStation 3 has sold 70 million units in its six years on the market. This milestone is a great achievement for the people over at Sony, not only because of the fantastic selling power of the PS3, but additionally because they made this announcement  less one month after Microsoft celebrated the same milestone.

This puts the two consoles almost neck and neck in the sales battle, showing that really, there seems to be no winning console in the popularity stakes! What may be surprising about the PlayStation sales is that 15 million of them have come from the recently released PlayStation Move, a device similar to the Xbox 360’s Kinect.

Sony additionally revealed that the game catalogue for the PlayStation 3 now includes a whopping 3,590 titles, which is an incredible number of releases for gamers to choose from.

During it’s six year lifetime, from it’s release in November 2006, the PlayStation 3 has been subject to many a tweak and facelift, with the console often being made slimmer, and is now a great deal lighter than it once was, all in a bid to keep those sales high, and it seems to be working.

However the question on many peoples lips right now, including my own, is when are we going to hear about the PS3’s successor? Sony is obviously thrilled with hitting the 70 million milestone, but many gamers are keen to know, what’s next?

Have you ever bought a PS3, and if so, is it your primary console of choice or are you an Xbox or Wii fan instead? Or do you like all three? Leave your comments below!