The Antisocial Multiplayer

Recently, I came upon a very curious thing while standing in line for the midnight release of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 that I felt was a fun observation to share. I am standing in line amongst roughly thirty to fourty people, nothing too substantial, but definately more people than I care to be around at any given time. After about twenty minutes of waiting, I noticed how quiet it was. Here I was waiting for a COD release, which is nothing too exciting anymore since there are 1-2 a year, yet all I could hear are some muffled music from headphones that were crammed in ears and coughs and sneezes. What I did not hear, however, was any sort of conversation. Nobody was discussing the game we are all obviously waiting for. Nobody was trading Gamer Tags, or tid bits of what they were excited about in the new game, or even anyone saying they were likely the best gamer there!

How is it possible that we are so antisocial when among our own kind? I can understand that sometimes in the “real world” gamers are teased and scrunized, and I also know that most COD gamers are not the same as “true” gamers (most of you know what I mean), but how could we become so distant from one another?

When midnight finally rolled around and we were allowed in, there was nearly as much expressed excitement as I would guess there is in a soup line. Everyone simply calmly and casually walked in, got their game, and left.

Now, I am the kind of person that is just as interested in meeting new people as I am in shoving my hand into a blender and turning it on, but I think certain situations exist where we must drop the barriers we have built and talk to other people. After this experience, I have committed myself to being more outgoing with others that are interested in video games as I am. The gaming culture is vast, yet we are all so distanced from one another. Imagine if you would what would be possible for us if we truly opened up our means of communication beyond trash talking invisibly from behind a microphone.

As I have noted before in previous rantings, I genuinely believe there is power behind the massive following of video games. If you searched any sort of gaming forum at any given time you will find many of us complaining about this or that without any real action being taken. What if we did, however, decide to really go after something? Could we keep gaming companies from going out of business? Could we get sequels made to games that deserve them? Can we keep developers from making sequels to games that don’t?

I don’t expect to create or cause any sort of revolt or anything nutso like that, I just hate to see a commonality between so many people go to waste.

Imagine what we could all accomplish if we all simply took the time to say, “Hello”.


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