The NFL Needs To Pull A Madden And Actually Do A Fantasy Draft

Here on Leviathyn we rarely (if ever) talk about sports but as a big football fan, I want to break the ice. Every time I sit down to start a new franchise in Madden I always choose to do a fantasy draft. The aspect of having 32 brand new teams on the field would make for an absolutely amazing and unpredictable season. With how random the NFL can be already, imagine seeing Tom Brady on the Seahawks or Larry Fitzgerald on the 49’ers. How about watching Adrian Peterson on the Browns?

The unknown factor of a fantasy draft is what I’m after and it isn’t really out of the realm of possibility. All the NFL would need to do is put a block on signing new contracts for players after a certain year. They could take the longest contract signed right now, set that year as the last year for every contract on a player and announce that the following draft will be a fantasy draft to reboot the league.

I see a lot of people talking about moving teams around in divisions or adding new teams for a shakeup but honestly, wouldn’t having a fantasy draft be much more fun for the fans? Nearly every team would be able to compete and contend with everyone else. You would never know what’s going to happen from week to week. No more saying “well it’s the Browns so no reason to get excited this week”. After the fantasy draft it would be more like “well let’s see what happens”. It would take team owners and coaching staff out of their comfort zone and make almost every game during the weekend a prime time event.


Brady in Indy? Hmm…


I know what you might be thinking, “what about the incoming rookies?!” No doubt this could severely impact the normal draft. Who would be looking at top prospects from college from they could be looking at Peyton Manning or LeSean McCoy? I understand that and it would be a rough thing for the incoming class but I just remember the Manning Watch from last season’s post-season and wanting more of it. No one knew where Peyton would end up and to watch a superstar like that go from mainstay and champion in Indianapolis to free agent was just too exciting. Who wouldn’t want to watch that as a league-wide thing?

I know this would be insanely hard to pull off but I don’t think it’s impossible. Owners love playing with money and those people who own franchises like the Dolphins, Browns, Rams, and Jags would go bonkers for a chance at a full reboot. The only hurdles I see are the college classes looking for a chance to break in and getting players to be okay with not being able to get long term contracts after a certain year.

Every time I turn on Madden and start a new franchise with fantasy draft, I never go into the depth charts to see who landed where. I always wait to see the franchise news every week or wait and see who is on the field when I go in for my game. Loading up a game and seeing Philip Rivers on the Rams and Frank Gore on the Chargers is both hilarious and fun. It’s an unknown aspect that makes me want to keep playing. As much as I find enjoyment in the NFL right now, it would be tripled if a real fantasy draft actually happened.

So how about it? 2017 Super Draft? I’m in.