Sony: Current Consoles Aren’t ‘Dead’

Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK Vice President, Fergal Gara, said “a lot of people seem to think that current gen is dead – it isn’t dead for us” in an interview with EGM as reported by VGChartz.

“We don’t take the view that it’s over for current-gen, that’s not the shape of our business,” commented Gara. “We’re continuing to innovate with the PS3, making it smaller, lighter and offering better value entry-point consoles.

“There’s been a big engineering push in Tokyo to give it a face-lift and a spec revitalization, too, so that’s good to see… We take a longer view of life-cycles than some of the competition,” he added.

“We’re into the world of trying to expand the console to new entrants who maybe considered a console in the past but perhaps thought the price was too high… we’re into that stage of the cycle, of trying to bring in the less committed side of the market and that’s where Wonderbook and Book of Spells will work for us.”

“There is healthy competition out there, coming at us from different angles. It’s interesting this year since we all seem to be playing the game a little bit differently. Nintendo in the home console space is launching a new platform where I’m sure they’ll do well,” said Gara.

“But I don’t see an awful lot that’s new or exciting on the family agenda or in the Kinect space, so I think we have an awful lot of opportunity to bring something to the market, especially for that casual consumer.”

“I sense a level of fatigue in the market over games with bigger and bigger budgets. And when some of those bubbles burst people will aspire for something with some more innovation…” he concluded.

Wonderbook and Book of Spells are out now for PlayStation 3.