Seven Deadly Sins of Online Gaming

When playing online we all shortly realize there’s a set of unwritten rules that are expected to be followed, obviously there are those few who don’t. The ones that ignore the rules are those that make other gamers extremely agitated and normally ruin or at least diminish the overall online experience. In consideration that Call of Duty ( One of the most popular, console based, multiplayer games) has a new installment I thought it would be beneficial to clarify these unwritten rules, better known as the seven deadly sins of online gaming.

1. N00B Tubing 

This refers to the use of a grenade launcher in the more recent COD games (can be applied to other overly effective weapons such as BFG from Quake 3 Arena). N00b tubing offers up ridiculously effective, long range explosive power with a high chance of fragging. Problem is they’re simply too effective, normally shooting a single player to the top spot and leaving the victims pretty peeved that they can’t even spawn without a swift grenade to the face. You can argue the game has them so they’re not cheating but tell that to the disgruntled players you’ve just blasted across the map, prove your skill and earn respect online by using an array of weapons.

2. Camping

There’s a fine line with this sin so I will strive to clarify it. Squatting in a corner for pretty much the entirety of a game with a rocket launcher, blasting away anyone that wander around the corner IS camping. Grabbing a sniper and finding a nice little cubby hole, popping a few heads then scurrying to another hidey hole to avoid flanking IS NOT camping. This fine line is often blurred but remember, holding a position for a short while shows talent and tactics, dominating a game from an unfairly advantageous positions just isn’t cricket. Campers never last long as they’re normally ostracized , even in free for alls, so save yourself the aggro and keep moving.


3.Music down the microphone

Granted you can mute players quite easily but this sin still grinds on many players, it also happens to be a serious issue i have have online gaming. You’re in the game lobby waiting to start and some player has hip hop blaring down their mic. Do you enjoy it when someone’s playing music on their phone out loud on public transport? Didn’t think so, the same applies to the online gaming world. Everyone is entitled to their own music taste, just don’t go pressing it upon the online world because 99% of the time they really don’t appreciate it.

4.Bad Winners/ Sore Losers

This sin is usually embodied by verbal abuse post frag or the more classic, Teabagging. When you’ve fragged another player it’s perfectly normal to fist pump or smirk like a crazy person, what’s not so acceptable is shouting verbal abuse down the mic at the unfortunate player. This can actually get you reported and ultimately banned from online gaming so isn’t really worth it in the long run. Teabagging is crouching up and down over the deceased body of your frag, imitating a rather profound gesture. This is like flipping two fingers instead of saying the word and is often just as irritating, it also makes you come across as a less serious gamer and normally causes you to become much more of a target.

5.Over the microphone ‘mothers’ meetings’

Back in the game lobby now and the annoying player with the music has left however they’re replaced by two friends in a public match that havn’t privatised their conversation. All other gamers in the lobby/ group are subjected to hearing what these friends got up to over their weekend and who’s sleeping with who at school etc,etc. Not particularly appealing for others to listen to and has lead me to often drop out of games that don’t offer muting. Saying that, this sin is easily avoided by either privatizing your conversations or by other players muting the gossiping bunch.


When the internet was brought to gaming it brought the common trolls with it causing a whole manner of issues. Trolling or the art of being a troll consists or just being pointlessly irritating during a game such as querying the realism of the game or telling players to do something they shouldn’t such as ‘go pick up the Claymore, it’ll give you points’. This just distracts and irritates other gamers and is wholly unnecessary, ultimately detracting fellow players from enjoying the online experience fully.


This final sin is short and sweet, the game isn’t meant to be letting you do that… STOP DOING IT! It’s effectively cheating and ruins the online gaming experience, it also encourages others to research it and find out how to do it themselves causing a chain reaction of cheats. You didn’t like it when people cheated in hide and seek, why do you think glitching to the highest point on the map will go down well? In retrospect though, glitches can be a lot of fun in private matches with your friends but resist the temptation to do it in public games..

Abide by even at least some of these simple rules and you’ll make the whole online gaming experience more enjoyable for both yourself and the other gamers you come into contact with.