Here Is Grand Theft Auto V’s Second Trailer

Wow. After watching this, there can’t be a single soul out there who isn’t excited for Grand Theft Auto V.

The trailer shows off quite a lot. You see all three main characters, who they are, the lifestyles, a bit of their stories, driving, heists, and more. The trailer, just released from Rockstar, clocks in at nearly 2 minutes and is all in-game footage.

Seriously, you need to watch this trailer. I don’t even know what else to say except take my money. Just take it all.

Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t have a release date yet but a slew of info just came out the other day. If you missed it, then check out this post.



By the way, that song is Skeletons by Stevie Wonder. Here’s a link if you feel like jamming out after that trailer.