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First Peek at Tomb Raider: Survival and Collectors Edition


Images of both the Survival and Collector’s Editions of Tomb Raider have surfaced online for our eager eyes to see. Yesterday Square Enix released details and photos for both the limited edition packages that you can purchase for the new Tomb Raider video game, set to be released next Spring, on March 5th.

So, what will the editions contain? Well the less pricey survival edition will contain the game, The Art of Tomb Raider mini book, a double sided map and poster of the Island map where the game will be set, a protective survival pouch, a 10 track soundtrack CD, and a DLC weapon pack. Not to mention the exclusive Survival Edition packaging, which looks pretty neat. All this will come in at £54.99 if bought from the UK retailer, Game.


The Collector’s Edition will include all that is stated above, as well as an 8″ Lara Croft figure, and it will all be packaged rather nicely in a unique ‘Endurance’ survival tin. This slightly more expensive edition will be available for you at £74.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and £64.99 for PC.

The North American Collector’s Edition, priced at $99.99 will feature a slight variation, with it featuring the same as the Survival Edition, minus the art book, and instead gamers will receive an exclusive 5″x7″ lithographic print and three iron exclusive badges based on the game’s experience icons.

What do you think of both of the editions. Personally I think they are a great buy for huge Tomb Raider fans, and will make the purchasing of an eagerly awaited game that little bit more special. However the rather substantial extra cost may be a deterrent for many gamers, who may not be enticed to spend double for a Lara Croft figurine. Will you be purchasing the game at all, and if so, will you splurge that little extra to get a rather neat special edition?



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