Gabe Newell Confirms New Engine in Development

Sure, there was code found that contained notes about something called “Source 2,” but Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, basically confirmed that a new engine is in development. 4chan’s /v/, the board’s video game group, visited Newell and not only gave him a big card, but also a gift that was in a box. In order to open it, Newell had to shell out $2.50, and inside the box was a hat.

Later in the video, though the audio might sound a bit…horrible, Newell confirms that Valve is indeed working on a new engine, though fans will have to wait until Valve releases a new game until it can finally show it off. In the video, someone asks, “Is it more than just an extension to Source? Like, is it an entirely new engine?” Newell gave a short, but an incredible, amazing, and incredibly amazing answer: “Yeah.”

So, yeah. Valve is finally working on a new engine. Now, about that Half-Life 3


Source: Game Informer