The Most Boss Halo Moment Ever

Everyone has had that moment, even if it was only once.  You’re playing a game, and you go beast mode.  It may never happen again, but for those few minutes, you are a gaming god.  Whether it be an epic tale of revenge, a legendary gaming marathon ending in victory or a good old-fashioned slaughter, Halo has provided the staff of Leviathyn with some of our most cherished moments, and we would like to take a second to tell some of our favorite Halo-related stories.  Do you have an epic Halo moment you would like to share?  Leave us a comment!


It’s no secret that when it comes to shooters, I suck online. My kill-death ratios are never positive and unless I’m playing with friends I tend to get really frustrated and ticked off. However, there was this one moment that will always stick with me thanks to Halo.

I joined LIVE back when Halo 2 just released because I really wanted to try out the multiplayer. My Xbox Live name is Cennus. It’s pronounced Senn-Us. It’s a character I created for a novel I was writing and it just stuck with me ever since. Well, I log on and jump into my first ever online Halo match and the first thing I hear over the speakers is a player with the name “CanadianBacon” screaming into his mic saying, “Cennus!? That rhymes with PENIS!”

I swear, everyone in the room cried their eyes out laughing while I sat there with this look on my face as I kept saying over and over again, “he’s pronouncing it wrong…” Worst yet, as I sat there transfixed on what just happened, the CanadianBacon man came up and shotgunned me down. I turned the Xbox off and proceeded to skip the rest of Halo 2’s multiplayer.

I made a promise to myself. I will find this CanadianBacon. I will find him. I will frag him in Halo and when I do, I just get my mic and say, “Senn-Us… it’s pronounced Senn-Us.” Then I will promptly log off and feel accomplished for all my multiplayer gaming needs for the rest of my existence.


The game:  Halo Reach.  The match:  Infection.  I was a respectable Halo 3 player, but something about Reach just clicked with me.  I’m currently riding a +5000 KDR, and matches like the following are part of the reason why.  Check this s**t out.

We’re playing on Countdown.  Me, a few friends and a small group of strangers are enjoying a round of Infection, and I’m doing all right.  The first three rounds pass without too much distinction, although I do land a sweet Bulltrue with a pistol headshot from across the map that saves somebody else’s life.  However, the fourth and final round is marked by a whirlwind of Blake.  After popping a zombie or two at the beginning, I work my way around to where the landing where the pipes blow you.  I hole up there, and proceed to go off like nobody’s business.  I achieve a sweet zombie killing spree before the message rings that I’m the last man standing.  I’ve been using my pistol, but I switch to my shotty once I realize that they all know where I am, and they are coming for me.  I’ve got people coming from both sides and straight at me through the pipes, and I am just blasting them all.  Shotgun blasts, quick pistol headshots and even a desperate melee or two keeps me unscathed as I tear through these zombies like nobody’s business.  I make my way to the spawn area, still blasting zombies, when I hear it.  Hell’s Jerome!, the announcer tells me.  I have no idea what that is, but it sounds awesome.  I run out of shells and switch to my sidearm, but only manage to get one more before I completely run out of ammo…and subsequently get teabagged by every player in the match.  I still have the video on my file share if anybody requires proof.  That was, without a doubt, my most boss Halo moment.


My shining Halo moment was the same as many others. It might not be unique, or that monumental, but for me it was rewarding and a personal video game achievement. A summer or two ago me and and a friend got out of bed early one morning to start Halo 1 on Legendary. My friend was moving out of town and this had always been an important goal for us. One video game goal that we had always wanted to accomplish. It took years of regular video game playing to make sure that our skills were good enough to beat the Legendary challenge. So I stocked the fridge up with all the supplies needed for one long day of gaming.. We trudged our way through Halo 1  before starting Halo 2, and then Halo 3. It took all day, but we beat the original trilogy on Legendary in one sitting. One very, very long sitting.