Quickly! Support The Goon Comic Book Movie Campain!

If you are a fan of the genre defining, zombie killing, mobster loving comic known as The Goon and you have not yet heard about the Kickstarter campaign for the CGI movie, then now is your chance to cash in on some one-of-a-kind Goon merchandise, or to just feel better about your hard earned money going to a greater cause than strippers and whiskey (or is it?). The project has already been %100 funded, and today is the last day to contribute, but this means you don’t have to anxiously and nervously wait to see if the project becomes funded and you become rewarded. Due to the project goal being accomplished, you can choose your donation tier confidently knowing you will receive the notated reward.

If you are unaware of who The Goon is here is a synopsis from wikipedia.

I have personally been a fan of this comic for years now and have had the pleasure of watching the popularity of Eric Powell’s wonderful creation grow. Whether you decide to contribute $1 or $10,000, you will automatically be invited to a special screening of the story reel in LA (location and date is TBA). Visit the Kickstarter page here and take a look at all the swag you can acquire based off of your generous donation. Remember, this all ends today, so be quick! Also, visit The Goon official website here.