Five Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters That Need Their Own Games

With all the hubb-lubb about Disney and Star Wars lately, it’s got me thinking about the Expanded Universe and how badly it needs more attention. There are so many awesome characters you may have never known about that would be totally kick-ass in their own video games.

If you’ve only seen the six movie and maybe some of the Clone Wars stuff, you’ve been missing out on some of the best Star Wars characters, stories, and events. If you’re a veteran of the Expanded Universe or even just dabbled in it, then you know how great the EU can be in terms of characters.

The Old Republic era is great and everything but it’s time we jumped around and explored a bit.


Cade Skywalker
Legacy Era

Cade is a badass. That’s the simplest way to describe him. He’s a descendant of Luke’s and grew up in a really crummy time. Cade gets around by using and dealing drugs, smuggling, and even at times killing for a bounty. He isn’t a Bounty Hunter per say but he’s damn close. It would be nice to say that his life is screwed up. It would be realistic to say that he’s put himself in the lowest state one could get to.

Cade comes around when he starts seeing visions of his past and even Grandpappy Luke. The result of this is what called the Legacy Era. Most of it is all in comic form and it is a mighty good read. The Sith issues present in the story and those who encompass Cade’s rogue’s gallery are diverse and entertaining. Mmm… Darth Talon.

Cade’s game would be energetic during combat, straight to the punch, and at times emotionally when he is faced with the hardest parts of his life: addiction, grief, regret, and loss.


Luke Skywalker
The New Republic Era

While we could never get a live action version of The Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire, and Empire’s End we sure could get video game versions. Bring Hammell back to reprise the role in the studio and maybe even the rest of the cast to make this as official as it ever possibly could be. Take that, Lucas!


For those of you who have not read any of those stories mentioned just now, you really need to check them out. If you are at all interested in what happens after Episode VI, this is where it’s at. Luke’s journey to finally trample the Empire for good is no easy task. The only problem I see here is that this would have to probably be told across several games. I don’t know if you could keep gamers that interested over that long of a time period. The Thrawn Trilogy itself is a long story let alone bringing in Dark Empire and Empire’s End.

This isn’t your normal Luke Skywalker, either. I’m sure some of you are saying, “ugh, him again!?” Yes. However, you’ve never see Luke quite like this. He’s masterful, confident, calculating, and unleashed. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and his anger is still an issue at times. Oh man, just wait until you see him in Dark Empire. Chilling!

If they did this right though, it would be amazing. Star Wars would reclaim king of the space genre in video games from Mass Effect just because of this.


Jaina Solo Fel
The New Jedi Order Era

Star Wars needs a front and center female hero. Leia did her thing great but her daughter is better. Jaina has both the mechanical skills of Han and the Force Sensitively from the Skywalker bloodline. Plus, how awesome would it be to have an interactive version of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

If you’ve read any of the New Jedi Order era material, you would know how huge of a threat the Vong were. Luke and the Order had an extremely tall plate in their hands during this conflict. Jaina was constantly on the front lines in the air and on the ground. She rose to be a great Rogue Squadron member and a very capable Jedi Knight.

Her game would give you a chance to fly and get plenty of melee practice in. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion was a long and treacherous event in Star Wars history. It would be insanely cool to see it unfold in a game. Plus, it’s about time we get a badass playable female in a Star Wars game. I’d recommend Mara Jade but I’m tired of writing out the word Skywalker.


Zayne Carrick
The Old Republic Era

Yeah, I know I said let’s explore but this isn’t your normal Old Republic story. The Mandalorian Wars are going on but that doesn’t really get involved in the Knights of the Old Republic comic book. Yes, we’re delving into the comics for this era.

Zayne’s journey is an interesting one. It starts with a massacre and then continuing with a hunt. You see, Zayne is a very lazy boy. He’s also a Padawan and the worst in the class. He’s late to his graduation and tries to sneak in so his masters don’t see him but when he almost enters the training room, he witnesses his masters slaughter all of the Padawans. Zayne narrowly escapes and that begins his journey.

The Knights of the Old Republic comic is one of the best comic series I’ve ever read. It’s fun from issue #1 to #50, when it ended. This game wouldn’t even have to encompass the entire series. All it needs to do is tell the story of Zayne vs. Lucien. It would be an instant buy for me.


Darth Bane
The Old Republic/Rise of the Empire Eras

Bane is a very, very important figure in Star Wars history. Not only does his actions end the Old Republic Era but they also create the next generation of the ways of the Sith. Darth Bane is the creator of the Rule of Two.

The Rule of Two is simple: there can only be one master and one apprentice. Never any more. If there are, they must be eradicated. As extreme as it sounds, Bane made it work. Afterall, he was dreadfully powerful and menacing. There are never enough games featuring the bad guy and one with Darth Bane would be insightful, challenging, and epic.

There are seldom characters more important than Darth Bane in the history of the Sith. Think Kratos with a very high intellect and a want for power and reign. That would be too awesome to play.



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