BioWare Starts New Mass Effect Project, Asks For Fan Input

BioWare expressed their intention on continuing to visit the Mass Effect universe a few weeks back when it was rumored that the company was getting ready to start developing another game.

On his Twitter feed, executive producer Casey Hudson openly stated that the team was in the “early stages” of creating a “completely new Mass Effect game” and called for fan input, asking what they’d want to see from a fourth installment in the series.

BioWare concluded the Shepard trilogy earlier this year with Mass Effect 3, a game that came under fire for its controversial ending. Developers have said before that this new Mass Effect title looks to be something entirely different and new from any other game, breaking away from Shepard and exploring a new end of the galaxy.

So, what do you want to see in the new Mass Effect game? Head over to Casey’s Twitter and tell him all about it!

(Source: Game Informer)