The Mindy Project “Halloween” Review

After a short hiatus, The Mindy Project is back with “Halloween”, another great episode in a show that is really coming on strong in its first season. Halloween follows two storylines, one about Mindy debating whether or not to go to a Halloween party with her overconfident boyfriend Josh, and one about Danny trying to get his driver’s license.

As this show fleshes out more and more, I love the flaws that every character has. Last episode, we learned a lot about some minor characters, but this episode features a lot of revelations about many major characters. For example, we learn about Danny’s biggest flaw, something that had been hinted at for some time. And of course, we learn about the flaws of Mindy. Mindy seems to be getting a little jealous of Tom, whom she meets for the first time since she ruined his wedding. This jealousy is a new dimension for Mindy, who obviously thought that she was done with Tom.

Ultimately, one of the most interesting characters in this episode is Josh, Mindy’s new boyfriend. Josh is incredibly confident, often to a fault. His “mogul” status tends to alienate Mindy, but she obviously has her flaws to match. Both of these flawed characters could end up helping each other, and the end of the episode certainly hints as much.

Meanwhile, another important character and storyline in this episode is Dr. Jeremy Reed, whose role as a fall-back plan for Mindy has been greatly expanded into a full-fledged, important member of the cast. Jeremy, whose nonchalance and charm define him, also shows another side when he accompanies Danny to get his license.

The license storyline was the best part of the episode, and definitely the funniest. For a comedy, though, The Mindy Project has taken a slightly serious turn, and has less laughs than usual. The episode was great, but the show has yet to really define itself as a comedy or something else. This episode, comedy did not seem to be the priority. Hopefully the show will define itself over the next couple episodes, because right now I don’t feel right giving it good ratings in the “laughs” department.

Now, four episodes in, we must ask if this new show will survive. Fox gave The Mindy Project a 24-episode season recently, so it will certainly survive at least one year. The ratings so far have been good to mediocre, but never great. The only really stiff competition for The Mindy Project in their Tuesday timeslot is NCIS: Los Angeles, so perhaps good to mediocre ratings will be enough for Fox to renew the show. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Trevor reviews the mindy project halloween episode.

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