Skyrim DLC for PS3 close to release

Is DLC finally headed to PlayStation 3 owners of Skyrim? According to the Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account, that’s definitely the case. According to the account, Bethesda is very close to releasing new DLC for PlayStation 3 and PC. Finally, PS3 owners can rejoice in regards to Skyrim DLC, since there really hasn’t been any whatsoever for Sony’s console.

The last time we had information relating to Skyrim DLC for PS3 was courtesy of Bethesda VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines back in early October. Back then, he stated that there was no new information in regards to Skyrim DLC for PS3 and that he’d update when there will be new information. As of this morning, Bethesda is not really clarifying beyond what was revealed today. According to a representative, “It simply is meant to inform fans new content is coming to PC and PS3.” Far better than nothing, I suppose.


Source: Bethesda Game Studios’ Twitter