PlayStation All-Stars Final Boss Revealed, Story Will Include Rivalries

A new trailed was just released showing off two things about PlayStation All-Stars we did not know about before: something about the story and who we’re fightin’ at the end.

It seems that the story in Battle Royale will include rivalries between the characters. They all seem randomly put together expect for two that just measure us for epicness. Here are the rivalries:

  • Fat Princess vs. Evil Cole MacGrath
  • Sir Daniel vs. Colonel Radec
  • Ratchet & Clank vs. Jak & Daxter
  • Sackboy vs. Big Daddy
  • Nariko vs. Dante
  • Spike vs. Parappa The Rapper
  • Heihachi vs. Toro
  • Good Cole MacGrath vs. Raiden
  • Sweet Tooth vs. Kratos
  • Sly Cooper vs. Nathan Drake


I don’t know about you all but Cole vs. Raiden, Nariko vs. Dante, and Sackboy vs. Big Daddy just seem awesome. The trailer shows off every rivalry and how it could all go down. What follows is hilarity, awesomeness, and and head tilting. All-in-all, if you like the cast for All-Stars you should be even more excited by the reveal of these rivalries.



What you may not be so excited for is the choice for final boss. Instead of opting for someone we mostly all know or an established big baddie, Superbot has chosen to go with a forgotten face. If you remember some terrible commercials back in the day for SCEA, then you might remember Polygon Man. Yes. Polygon Man is the final boss for All-Stars. Hooray?