Game Informer’s Grand Theft Auto V Feature Is Amazing, Tons Of Info

Game Informer gets all the best features but this is quite possibly the best one done by the print (and now digital) magazine publisher. Grand Theft Auto V is a highly anticipated game beyond all measure and Rockstar gave the keys to the city to Games Informer.

The internet is ablaze the world over today with a whopping 34 pages of information and incredible pictures. That isn’t even the full feature, either. The article which you can find in subscriptions to Game Informer give more than what we have. We had to thank Reddit for bringing us this info but the most important thing is to head over to and put down some hard-earned cash so we keep getting these features. If Game Informer does this more often than not, I’ll be renewing my subscription next month with gusto.

Here’s the main info from the feature:



  • The map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and GTA IV combined. And then some.
  • Fully explorable mountain range.
  • Underwater areas with fully detailed ocean floor.
  • Diverse areas including: urban, beaches, city, desert, rural, wilderness, and more.
  • Able to visit stores and entertainment locations like in GTA IV including bowling alleys, comedy clubs, strip clubs, and much more.

Michael, retired bank robber and main character.


  • Three main characters!
  • Ability to switch between them at any time using a Google Earth-like zoom out and zoom in.
  • When not playing a character, they will go about their business as usual.
  • All characters will interact with each other at certain points.
  • Max Payne 3’s cinematic story is being used here.
  • Three Leaf Clover-like (GTA IV mission) heists featured throughout the game.
  • Heists will be huge missions and a large focus for the game’s story.
  • You will have a huge selection of off-mission things to do including a fully functional TV in your house.
  • No stats like in San Andreas – such as weight, muscle mass, etc. – due to the three characters being fully fleshed out.
  • No romance like in GTA IV.
  • No buying property but there will be plenty of things to do with money unlike GTA IV.
  • Dynamic Missions pop-up at any time and give you the choice of either ignoring them or turning your attention to them.
  • Much more random events happen around the map that you will have to deal with.
  • Missions are said to be more complex like Red Dead Redemption’s side quests.
  • You can interact with people on the streets with gestures. Different areas will have people respond differently.
  • The music will change and react with what you are doing in the game.
  • Melee combat is much better now.
  • Driving has been completely revamped. Rockstar compares it to a high-profile racing game in terms of control, intensity, and features.

Travor, maniac, career criminal, and main character.



  • Trevor – 40-something year old career criminal
  • Michael – mid 20’s repo man
  • Franklin – 40-something year old retired criminal
  • No celebrities voicing major characters.
  • All three characters have their own friends, home, situations, and personalities.
  • Going home after a mission is a completely different experience across the three different characters.
  • While you can’t customize stats like weight and muscle, you can get different clothing for all three characters.
  • Each character has a specific moveset and skills. Switching between them during missions allows you to tackle different obstacles easier.
  • Each character has a different feel to their exclusive missions. Playing as all three won’t feel stale.
  • There will be recurring characters from GTA IV.

Franklin, “professional” repo man and main character.



  • Social Club will return.
  • Max Payne 3’s Crew feature is making it’s way over here.
  • Rockstar isn’t talking about modes yet but there will be a better hub for players to choose what’s going on and the full world will be available.


We’ll have more from Grand Theft Auto V soon!






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