Forerunners Leave Their Mark on Halo 4’s Multiplayer

If you’ve been playing Halo 4 the last couple of days (and of course you have been) I hope that you’ve checked out the online multiplayer mode. 343 Studios has made a lot of changes to the way Halo multiplayer is done. Some are good, and some are… Well that’s for a different article. But what’s important is that they’ve implemented their new antagonist, the Forerunners, in a very beneficial way for Halo’s multiplayer.

First off, adding the Forerunner weapons gives players more in-game achievements. Now there are more ways for players to gain experience, and it will take longer to become a master of all weapons. But this does more than just help players level up faster. More achievements mean more players are going to be switching between weapons on a regular basis. Unlike other FPS games it’s going to take longer for players to fall back on one weapon for every game. If they want to level up as fast as everyone else they’re going to have to focus on a variety of weapons to get a variety of achievements.

The Forerunner’s weapons add an even more helpful feature to Halo 4’s multiplayer. It gives a 2nd, and sometimes 3rd version of already in game weapons. If you consider yourself a sniper now you have the Human Sniper Rifle, the Covenant Beam Rifle, and the Forerunner’s Binary Rifle. Now the human DMR, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade, and Spartan Laser all have different variations. Not only does this add more achievements, but it adds more variety. The forerunner’s weapons allow players to pick the weapon that they prefer. It adds a layer of customization that other FPS games have, without directly ripping off their ideas and adding weapon attachments to the load out screen.

The last and probably most obvious effect the Forerunner’s have had on Halo 4’s multiplayer is simply their presence in the game. Now players have new abilities and armor perks thanks to Forerunner technology, like “Forerunner Vision.” We have new weapons to choose from, like mentioned before. And we have new maps that have entirely different scenery and feel than the Halos that have come before.

The Forerunners run at the forefront of Halo 4’s campaign. They’ve made their mark, proving to be a more dangerous enemy than humanity has ever seen before. They are an interesting, if not a little creepy antagonist in 343 Studio’s creation. But don’t forget that the Forerunner’s influence doesn’t stop with Master Chief. As soon as you log onto Xbox Live and start playing War Games you’ll see how widespread their effect is. And hopefully we’ll see the Forerunners have an even greater role in Halo 4’s multiplayer in the future.

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