An Xbox Tablet? The Next Console?

It has been reported that the tech wizards over at  Microsoft are apparently working on a 7″ surface tablet that will rival the newly released iPad Mini. That’s not it though, the new surface tablet is additionally rumoured to be being made with gaming in mind. That’s right, it has been suggested that the 7″ Surface may carry Microsoft’s Xbox brand, making it the next step in the Xbox gaming series, this time with a personal handheld approach.

According to The Verge, the tablet is being produced over at California’s Silicon Valley, and is being kept under wraps by a great security network. The Verge also commented that the  Xbox Surface would feature a  powerful ARM based processor and top level graphics, fuelling rumours that the Xbox Surface will be made for a smooth and advanced gaming experience.
The Xbox Surface will follow the recently released Surface RT, that priced at $499 is a close rival price and wise for The New iPad, yet the Surface comes with double the memory. One downfall perhaps though is that it does not come with the clip on keyboard that it is advertised alongside with in its recent ad campaign.
Perhaps the Xbox Surface will tie in with the new Xbox mobile and tablet second screen features, which will be another added bonus. Either way it will probably be released in the next year so that we can try it out for ourselves.
What do you think? Will you be buying the Xbox Surface if it is made? Do you think wit will rival the iPad?

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