Who Are The Forerunners?


If you’re familiar with the Halo universe then you’ve almost certainly heard of The Forerunners, they play a consistent background role in all the games and make an amazing introduction in 343 Industries Halo 4. But who are these long dormant beings and what role do they play in the Halo franchise?

As it so happens, quite a big one. The namesake of the franchise itself is based on a Forerunner installation known as the Halo Rings which were used as weapons to wipe out planets that had become overrun with The Flood. The Forerunners are said to be an ancient race with highly advanced technology with control over thousands of star systems. They appear to only have met true resistance from The Flood hence the construction of the Halo rings and their apparent untimely demise as the dominant civilization. Our first meeting with the Forerunners as players takes place in Halo: Combat Evolved where we meet ‘343 Guilty Sparks’ the Halo Monitor for the first time who plays a key role in the game but only lightly makes references to the Forerunner lore.

Anyone notice this fella‘ is ‘343 Guilty Spark’ and Halo is now owned by the company ‘343 Industries’ weird coincidence.

Halo 3 however expands on the Forerunner lore making it clear that there are multiple Halo Installations each cared for by their own Monitors and a hub Instillation know as The Ark. Halo 3 also goes about depicting the power and advanced technology of this 100,000 year old race when Master Chief is pitted against Sparks after who subsequently requires three direct hits from a Spartan laser, Scorpion tanks take two hits… When Sparks is defeated he uses his last sane sentence to call Chief a Forerunner creating a heap of rumors including the speculation that Chief could well be a direct descendant of the Forerunners.

Halo 3 also introduces The Sentinels who are effectively the security for Forerunner installations and bug the crap out of the player for a fair few levels but redeem themselves by dropping the Sentinel Beam when destroyed. The Sentinel Beam was the first and only Forerunner weapon that was playable by the gamer however in In Halo 4 all that changes. The Forerunners have a more apparent role in the most recent installment of Halo, most notably in the form of Prometheans, a warrior class Forerunner. Images of these creatures have been released (Pictured below) and look like the most innovative and interesting Halo creature since the Elites. The arrival of the Prometheans has brought at least six extravagant and Forerunner designed weapons. Some of these include the aptly names ‘Binary Rifle’ which apparently dissolves enemies on impact and the Incineration Cannon that does what it says on the tin and seems to be a derivative of the Fuel Rod.



Even with the confirmation of the Prometheans the full extent of what is uncovered regarding the Forerunners is largely undisclosed though, if the slogan ‘An Ancient Evil Awakes’ is anything to go by then it’s sure to be big. Also with the North American release of Halo 4 already behind us the next chapter in who and what the Forerunners are is likely to unfold.