Top 10 Halo Weapons

What’s more important than weapons in a FPS? Nothing. Please note that I wrote this list BEFORE the release of Halo 4. There’s sure to be some changes after we’ve all had the chance to play the game more! To start off the top ten Halo  weapons we have the:


10. Plasma Pistol

There’s no denying that this is a noob weapon. But if your team is doing really bad in a multiplayer match you can always hide in a corner with this little weapon. It’s chargeable power shot can also be a godsend in campaign mode, and the floor is always littered with them.

9. Ghost

You might classify the Ghost more as a vehicle as opposed to a weapon, but I got my fair share of kills using this deathly device. It’s the fastest way to get around a map and it packs a punch. You can run over enemies and shoot them at the same time. If only the Covenant had invented Ghosts with some kind of windshield, that way other players weren’t always stealing my ride, then the Ghost might have made it to the number one spot on this list.

8. Shotgun

It packs a punch and is a great weapon to find in the campaign or in multiplayer. I can’t count how many times this weapon has gotten me out of a tight spot. It held enough rounds to take down the entire other team in death match in one clip. And while it feels great to release the power of the shotgun upon your enemies. But it defiantly lacks range, and finesse. My 10 year old brother can pick up a Shotgun and get a couple kills. And the best Halo weapon of all time requires a little more skill than this.

7. DMR/Battle Rifle

The Designated Marksmen Rifle is an all around favorite for Halo players. It’s one of the best long, mid, and close range weapons in the game. Any player can pick one up, but only a master can make it the best weapon in the game. I’m sure to get some flak for putting the DMR so low on the list, but there are some problems I have with this gun. Personally I don’t like the burst, and in Halo I prefer to have guns tailored specially for uses and ranges. But my biggest issue with the DMR is that Halo began giving us the DMR as a standard instead of the AR.

6. Needler

The Needler has always been a weapon that was up in the air. Sometimes it was under powered, sometimes over powered, sometimes in one had and sometimes in two. But when it was on the height of it’s power this weapon was unstoppable. The idea behind the Needler is awesome, and seeing it shoot pink crystals across the screen is quiet a show. And to top it all off, using the Needler is an easy way for players to get a kill from the death, and what’s cooler than that?

5. Pistol

How could someone make a top ten Halo weapons list and not add the pistol? It’s debut in Halo 1 showed the world that a handheld firearm can still pack a punch. Unlike other games the pistol in Halo isn’t just the last resort weapon. With skill and a scope it could one hit your enemies with ease. Sadly, the pistol’s awesomeness began to decline. Hopefully 343 Studios brings the scope and the power back to this fantastic weapon.

4. Energy Sword

It’s a super close range weapon, and admittedly it’s a little cheap. But this weapon actually takes some skill to use. No player can expect to run into the enemy’s ranks wielding a swinging energy sword above their head. It lights your character up, making him a blazing beacon of a target. but if you can hide in the shadows, and employee stealth with this weapon there’s no better weapon. Especially when you can land an assassination on an unknowing foe.

3. Sniper Rifle

There’s a sniper rifle, or some similar long range weapon in every game. But in Halo this weapon is different. It’s unrealistically steady, but that’s what makes this weapon so perfect. Call of Duty and other FPS games require players to spend honors honing their sniping skills before the sniper rifle becomes a good weapon. In Halo it requires finesse, but not too much experience to use properly. It takes down targets quickly, and from a long range. But it can’t handle hordes of enemies, especially not in the campaign.

2. Plasma Grenade

The plasma grenade can take out multiple enemies in a blink of an eye. A quick toss and your enemies will turn and run away. It’s better than any of the other grenades because it lands exactly where you want it to. Plus, there are very few kills cooler than landing a plasma grenade on another player.

1. Assault Rifle

How could any other weapon top the list? It’s the first gun you get in the first campaign of the first Halo. It’s your faithful companion, as vital to Master Chief as Cortona. Not only is the AR a great standard weapon, but it’s got a great rate of fire and good accuracy. In close to mid range combat it can always come out the victor, even if it is the starting weapon.