Five Games That Need Some Zombie Or Vampire DLC

You can’t run from the zombies. At least not in gaming. They are everywhere and with each passing year devs find some way to make us want more and more despite the already crazy number of zombie games out there already. With the coming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and its revitalized zombie maps, I started thinking about games that could use some sort of supernatural mode attached to them. I can’t think of any better than the following five titles.


Assassin’s Creed 3

A Dark Relocation

Excuse my terrible MS Paint job, please.

How awesome it would be to tell the story of an eerie ship coming into port in Boston one night and it turns out that ever since the docking people have been disappearing. Connor tries to figure out what happened only to find out that the crew and passengers of that ship are vampires and they have fled Britain to find a new feasting ground in America.

Zombies are one thing but vampires that can actually fight back and infect with every bite and scratch is definitely more exciting and fits better in the world of Assassin’s Creed. Connor would need to do everything he can to save this people around him and on his homestead. Missions could include a long series of quests to find a cure, maybe a vampire who wishes to live normally could join your homestead and craft vampire DLC-exclusive weapons like claws, new types of daggers, and an exclusive vampire themed Assassin’s Robe, and a crusade against the vampire lords that came over on the ship.

I don’t know about you but hot damn I would buy this in a second.


Grand Theft Auto V

City In Flames

With the unveiling of the size of GTA5’s game world, how epic would it be to have the zombie apocalypse happen there? Rockstar could treat it like Undead Nightmare where it totally changes the atmosphere and attitude of the game and characters. With the size of the map, you could see how far the infection has spread and how close you are to finding a cure or escaping.

I can’t help but think that zombies in GTA5 would be utterly insane and terrifying. I mean, AI in GTA games is usually pretty trashy but we’ve never had to deal with shambling, relentless enemies in a game this big before. Imagine getting cornered by a small horde when you go into the Ammunation to buy ammo. The cashier would probably go nuts and start shooting everywhere. There could be a panic meter showing how manic the citizens are getting which would be reflected by the attitudes and decisions people you see on the street make.

With a game that big and an introduction of a radical element like zombies, the sky’s the limit with what Rockstar could do. Needless to say, this wouldn’t just be a normal DLC. It would most likely need to be an expansions like Undead Nightmare. It would sell like hotcakes.


Fallout 4

Cold Corpses

Is it so far fetched to think we could get actual zombies in a Fallout game? Sure, we got Ghouls but not all of them are Feral and even then Feral Ghouls just don’t give off the creepy vibe like a zombie horde would.

I say Fallout 4 since New Vegas is no longer getting new DLC and I’m sure the fourth installment is being prepared. Either way, you can expect Fallout 4 to be as big or bigger than Skyrim and with the same level of detail and effort. Having a dedicated zombie infection DLC would be awesome. Since Fallout is already a post-apocalyptic game, the main focus should be finding a cure (or purging the area with a giant missile if you’re going down the evil guy route) and institute a map that shows the traveling speed of the infection and what locations are already lost to the plague. Heading into those area would be extremely dangerous.

I think Bethesda would have so much fun with this. Thanks to the radiation everywhere still, we could see some crazy versions of zombies. How about a boss zombie in the middle of a town that was one of the first to be lost to the infection? Big rewards there, wasteland travelers.


Nostalgia at its finest.


World Of Warcraft

Dark Embrace

World of Warcraft is quickly running out of enemies to feature in their expansions. So why not make some stuff up!? They seem to be doing fine with it in Mists of Pandaria. Besides, we were already given a bit of a glimpse of a vampiric race in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King with the San’layn.

Specifically inside Icecrown Citadel we had to fight against the Blood Council and Blood-Queen Lana’thel who were prominent members of the San’layn. These blood suckers are a type of blood elf that have given themselves over to a council of vampiric princes. Obviously all of the San’layn are evil so perhaps we don’t need to have the option available to play as them. We already have two elf races in WoW and besides, this would probably have to be the second neutral race following the Pandarens.

However, I would love to see a Vampire class come to the game. There could be a gameplay mechanic where during a fight the more DPS you do the higher the power of your blood becomes. Depending on your Blood Level your abilities and power would change until you become an unstoppable fiend.

I wasn’t able to really get into Mists of Pandaria but I will say that this just tickles my fancy and I would be on board with another recurring subscription.


Borderlands 2

Hyperion Nightmare

A new, massive Hyperion vessel that was on its way to use a prototype weapon to clear Pandora’s surface and continue in the company’s search and success just crash landed on the planet. After a short investigation you get attacked by a group of strange and visibly ill people. One of the NPCs you’re with gets bitten and the squad opens fire. You start to hear hundreds of footsteps all converging on your location. You manage to escape but not before witnessing those things begin to shamble out of the downed ship and in droves.

Co-op in Borderlands is already great. Imagine having to scavenge for supplies, camp to rest, and keep lookouts because the towns are all infected. Imagine the badadd zombies and boss mutations. This all has the spelling of making Borderlands Co-op one of the best games ever. I think of it like DayZ mixed with Borderlands and I start to salivate.

The Hyperion company has already caused way too much trouble so why not let them continue ruining the Vault Hunter’s party with zombies!